10 Productivity Plugins for Busy Entrepreneurs

There are only so many hours in a day, but, ultimately, the business world never sleeps. When you are at rest, you can be sure that your competition is hustling somewhere in the world.

Maximizing one’s efficiency is paramount for any entrepreneurs who want to be as productive as possible. Only if you work hard can you play hard, and you sure don’t want to miss out on some well-deserved mindset benefits.

It is just as important to keep your team as productive as possible if you want to take your company to the next level. There are some fantastic plugins out that can be of massive assistance when it comes to maximizing teamwork and efficiency and helping you and your team approach projects professionally, organizationally, and motivationally.

The 10 Best Productivity Tools for Teamwork and Overall Work Efficiency


MixMax is a fantastic team platform to manage emails and a whole lot more. It has a wide range of features that include scheduling meetings, email personalization, tracking and analytics, practical templates, and a whole lot more.

It is sure to make managing communications a lot smoother than with regular email inboxes. Currently, it is only for Google Users. However, registering does not take a lot of time to do.


Being an excellent entrepreneur depends a whole lot on your mood, your work environment ambiance, and the quality of your recovery.

The plugin Noisli can help with all of these things by offering a choice of wholesome sounds and letting you configure your preferred background noises to either set an inspiring mood or drown out distractions.

The in-app options will encourage you to zone in on tasks, as well as help you wind down after a hard day. From white noise to forest, fire, and sea sound – Noisli covers it all.

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Google Keep

Google Keep allows you to organize all of your to-do lists, thoughts, and other notes in one tidy place.

Evernote is a popular choice for many people to take care of these things, but Google Keep seems to offer a little more in reducing the digital clutter that note-enthusiast often get themselves into.

Both apps have their strengths, but consider giving Google Keep a try if you haven’t yet.

Evernote (Web Clipper Extension)

In our opinion, Evernote excels in its Web Clipper extension. It is meant to keep all of your bookmarks and web excerpts in one handy plugin.

The extension syncs between all the devices that you have Evernote on, thereby making cross-integration swift. A great feature of the extensions is that you can annotate the main details of whatever you want to save, which helps you to conserve time in the long run.


Having a myriad of accounts on apps, stores, websites, and the like opens up a whole lot of possibilities online.

That is all nice and great. However, remembering all of the passwords can be a pain. If you make them too simple, then you become more vulnerable to data theft.

If you make them adequately complex, then keeping track of them becomes a feat in itself. Lastpass is an app that takes the weight off your shoulders in that regard.

It remembers all passwords for you, encrypts the data, and automatically fills log-in info when needed. It’s a must-have tool for teams of all kinds!


Discipline is the highway to efficient work. As the internet is at our fingertips 24/7, getting sidetracked is a constant lure.

The plugin StayFocused helps to combat distractions by limiting access to unproductive websites.

To gain access to the forbidden sites, one has to complete his necessary tasks. In a way, the app enforces discipline, but it can help to train the mind to keep focused on the job at hand.

It is especially useful for remote teams because no one is there to watch over their backs. StayFocused acts as the watchman who sets up the highway to ultimate productivity.

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You may have encountered the scenario when you start researching a topic, and fifteen minutes later you end up with dozens of browser tabs.

You think you will need all of them, but in reality, you most likely won’t. The data clutter disorganizes your browser, and that is no help for staying productive.

Fishing out a tab from a whole stack is just not practical when you want to keep a sharp focus. OneTab allows users to easily organize, restore, collapse, and label tabs to keep things tidy.


Grammarly is one of the most common productivity tools for remote teams, freelancers, and pretty much anyone who types online.

The app is a true life-saver when it comes to making spelling and grammar checks a breeze.

It also comes as a browser extension, meaning that the app will keep track of your writing quality in real-time, be it social media or emails.


Droplr is a great filesharing tool for large teams that are distributed around the globe. It makes sending documents simple and efficient. Droplr especially excels at sending large files quickly.

What we love about it is that it encourages teams to have a bit of fun. The GIF maker is great for crafting work-related inside jokes and all kinds of little virtual games for remote teams to lift their spirits.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is an incredibly useful plugin when it comes to the technical side of things.

It allows users to access work computer files remotely, solving the nuisances of carrying USB sticks, flash drives, and so on.

On top of that, teams can share their screens easily. This is really great for educational purposes.

Chrome Remote Desktop also makes technical repairs incredibly simple. In case that you have an issue, an IT specialist can log into your computer via the plugin and solve problems from a distance.


We hope that you will find a use for these incredible plugins. They are indeed excellent to integrate into your work routine, and they can save you heaps of time when you get the hang of things.

We would also love to know what productivity plugins you enjoy the most. Please share your experience in the section below!

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