10 TikTok Influencer Secrets for Brands

TikTok has earned a big chunk of public attention over the past few years and has become one of the most in-demand apps in the social app or dating app market.

Many reputed brands have taken advantage of the app’s ability to effortlessly introduce their brands to millions. The amount of Gen Z consumers active on TikTok is approximately 37.3 million. This has opened the door for turning TikTok into a massive market for influencer marketing.

Brands are latching on to the power of Influencer marketing as it can significantly boost your brand presence and increase sales. This article will discuss how leveraging influencers in your TikTok marketing can elevate your brand’s sales and help you stand out from the crowd.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Before diving right into the influencer secrets you need to know to grow your business, you need to understand what influencer marketing is. When put in simple words, influencer marketing is when a public figure endorses and promotes a product or service of a particular brand through any social media platform or another online or in-person forum.

Trust is the backbone of influencer marketing, and this new form of product and brand promotion has proven to be effective. This is likely due to the social proof influencer marketing provides. When someone with authority speaks highly of your brand, that influences others to want to buy your products by association.

Social media is home to the majority of influencers and key decision-makers. Many influencers have taken to TikTok. These influencers understand the importance of influencer marketing, and the best influencers are adept at designing effective brand awareness campaigns that result in conversions and sales.

What are the benefits of working with influencers?

When it comes to forming brand partnerships with influencers, businesses can get access to good consumer engagement for their companies. Through working with influencers, you can have personalized conversations with your audience and get access to insights that can help you improve your offerings.

Also, when you are talking to an audience that already shows interest in your content after hearing about it from someone they’re familiar with, respect, and trust, they are more likely to turn into loyal customers. The best thing is that the onus of creating content is on the influencer’s shoulders and all you need to do is prepare a comprehensive brief. Since influencers have a reputation to maintain, they seldom deliver low-quality work and always stay on top of the latest trends to experiment with new ideas to boost your brand image.

What is a TikTok influencer?

Now you might be wondering, “Who is a TikTok influencer?” TikTok considers people with a follower count of more than one thousand as an influencer (or at least as a micro-influencer) – essentially, someone who has an appreciable follower count. At the same time, a more “macro” influencer is a person with 10,000 to upwards of 1,000,000 followers.

Both of these are great options for your influencer marketing on TikTok. You can use micro-influencers who have engaged audiences to score cheaper wins, or you can spend more and spread the word in a big way with macro-influencers.

Now that we have the background in mind, let’s see the top 10 TikTok micro-influencer secrets for brands to help you get your TikTok influencer campaigns in order.

1. Collaborate with high-authority influencers

To gain a boost in recognition and earn some fame for your brand, you need to choose influencers who’ve earned the trust or large, engaged followings. Those influencers should possess advertising skills, and the potential to level up your business. Therefore, choosing the right person for your products and services is the first step in influencer marketing. An influencer with large audience size, number of likes, an impressive number of followers who share their content and buy into their recommendations can influence people to become customers of your brand.

2. Closely examine the types of contents.

Before finalizing a deal with any influencer, it is mandatory to look at the type of content they create, the quality of the content, the audience they promote the content to, and the types of businesses they collaborate with. You need to make sure what they talk about online meshes with what you want your brand to be known for. If the content an influencer publishes isn’t in line with your brand’s values, it may not be the right fit.

3. Choose the right influencer for your brand.

As per a recent report, there are approximately 3.1 million influencers on TikTok, and the majority belong to the Gen Z category. Even though there are many influencers out there, you need to choose the right person who can work for your brand. Some micro-influencers might be well versed in the skincare brands, some in the gadget category while others in clothing. Therefore, do your research and choose the best from the many.

As you can see below, @savv.labrant has millions of viewers, but this influencer’s style is right for some brands but not right for others.


I can’t stop laughing??? sorry babe @thesupercole

♬ original sound – Savannah LaBrant
Image: Popular TikTok influencer @savv.labrant

4. Build a healthy relationship with the influencers

One of the essential things to keep in mind while collaborating with an influencer is maintaining a good relationship with them. This can help you and your business in many ways that you won’t even imagine. This cannot happen overnight, but anything becomes possible by investing time and effort. Just like building any relationships in the marketing space, you need to take your time and grow your influencer relationships in a genuine way. Give back to your influencers. Don’t just ask for something without giving in return.

5. Built trust

Collaborating with an influencer and increasing your product or brand reach is only half the battle won. The relationship quality you have with the influencer has the power of determining the extent of effort they put in for your company or brand. A good working relationship with the influencers works on the basis of trust. In the same way you need to ensure your influencers don’t tarnish your brand, you need to prove to your influencers that your products and services align with their values and won’t leave a stain on their reputation.

6. Take help from influencers to share your website link.

After building a good relationship with the influencer, you can take their help to incorporate your website link in their blog posts. Generally, even if their main focus is on TikTok, most social media influencers own a website; they maintain a constant social media presence and often create blogs to expand on their online presence as well. Therefore, if you succeed in adding your website link to all these online assets, the amount of traffic you will receive will give your site a serious lift.

7. Get your brand in front of a maximum audience in a brief period.

The significant advantage of collaborating with TikTok influencers, and influencers in general, is that they can level up your businesses’ popularity and search ranking manifold. Your search engine ranking can show an appreciable increase when these influencers talk about your products and services on their social media platforms. You can experience a major boost in traffic to your website based solely on a simple recommendation from a relevant, popular influencer.

8. Make use of your influencer’s network.

Influencers generally keep in contact with other influencers. If you build your relationships properly with your influencers, they might also introduce you to other influencers they know. in this way, more people get to know about your brand, and the probability of purchase raises manifold.

9. Create content together with the influencers

The influencer is exceptionally talented in creating content. Establishing a healthy relationship with the influencer you have collaborated with helps you co-create content with them. In this way, you can incorporate your ideas with the idea of your influencer, and you get a lift by association as you’re shown side-by-side or collaborating in some way. This can improve the depth of the relationship you maintain with the influencer. By co-creating content, the time required for creating quality content reduces considerably.

Image: Popular influencers, Josh Richards and Loren Gray, collaborate

10. Never compromise on the content quality.

The impact of high-quality content has the power to steer more customers to your business. Influencers can create content that gets maximum views. if you have the skills to assign your writers, editors, and graphic designers to help the influencer create their content, the customers will be impressed by the quality content you put up on the website.

Younger audiences are no longer interested in traditional advertising. Gen-Z and millennials prefer authenticity and wish to have all the information on their screens. Besides, they are more likely to purchase a product that a human endorses than they would a product promoted by your company.

As a result, more companies are shifting to influencer marketing and getting their products and services endorsed by influencers and content creators on the internet. When it comes to marketing your business, people are more likely to bet stakes if their favorite creator or influencer says good words about the product or service you offer.

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10 Tiktok Micro Influencer Secrets for Brands
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10 Tiktok Micro Influencer Secrets for Brands
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