4 Important Web Design Tips to Improve your Brand Awareness

The majority of Millennials out there have a fascinating way to perceive things. Show them a half-eaten apple, and they would say iPhone, a clown with bright red hair and a yellow jump suit, and they would feel a sudden urge to eat fries!

Perhaps this is what we call brand awareness, in modern lingo. You don’t define the brand. Rather you etch the product on consumers’ minds. All that said, brands like Apple and McDonalds have stood the test of time. They are living examples of how companies entering the corporate climate should design timeless branding strategies.

A Content Marketing Institute Research study found that 77% of marketing leaders believe that a strong brand is critical to their growth plans.

However, treading in each era asks for a different approach. Earlier, it was banging at peoples’ doors, describing your product and services to them. Then came the print media and television. This was an iconic time when new companies emerged with next-level promotional campaigns.

Fast forward to the present age; it is all about digital marketing. Most importantly, the websites. Your website is the central point of all your marketing efforts. It has to be consistent and relevant. There are some practices in particular that you should implement to increase overall brand awareness.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is the first step in the marketing funnel. It involves the process through which businesses cultivate recognition for their products/services. Ideally, the brand awareness campaign should include all the factors that distinguish your product/service from all competitors. Your chances of generating conversions and dominating the market also climb with an appropriate awareness campaign.

Strong brands have clear core brand values, a long-term strategy, and absolute positioning. In a Pitchbook survey about sourcing private equity deal flow, 82% of respondents view brand strength as becoming increasingly vital for key stakeholders.

Close-Up Photography of iMac Turned On

4 Key Web Design Tips to Heighten Brand Awareness

Given that your website plays a pivotal role in your brand awareness, it is vital to integrate meaningful elements on this platform. Here are four website design tips to help kickstart your brand awareness campaign:

Use Consistent Colors

You should pick a basic color palette that runs across all your channels. It weaves an image in the consumers’ mind, signaling it to be an indicator of your brand. Use these colors in your logo, images, and content posted on social media. In fact, anything with your brand name on it should have these colors.

The goal is for customers to think about your brand everywhere that they notice these colors. Think of the golden arches McDonald’s has or the red and white combo used by Coca-Cola. A Reboot 2018 survey shows that using signature colors can increase brand recognition by 80 percent.

Balance White Spaces

White space, also called the “negative space,” refers to the blank areas between text and images. Effective use of negative space can make a magnitude of difference in the readability of your website. Check out the examples provided in Mark Boulton’s inspiring article on whitespace to see how good use of whitespace can make a huge difference to legibility.

Example of white space on Apple website
Image: Example of white space on Apple website – Source

If your website is cluttered with multimedia, users can easily get distracted. They are more likely to exit your site without performing any action.

Add Cross-channel Marketing

Take some time to consider how marketing impacts consumers across different mediums. Studies reveal that three out of four people prefer brands that follow a cross-marketing approach.

An essential practice to follow while working on this is to have social sharing buttons on every blog post. It promotes brand awareness without contributing to your bounce rate. It serves as a reminder for people, emphasizing that they can share and let others know about your extraordinary services.

Essentially, cross-channel marketing is to help people choose a platform. It may be the links to your app, which later directs consumers to your store to avail of an offer or a freebie they won through the app.

Each prospect group has a set of social media preferences. We suggest you take a local professional web design team on board for better insight into the local community. For example, a website design agency could make better recommendations than an international company.

managed wordpress hosting

Use Unique, Eye-catching Images

Not every stock image fits with the type of message you aim to convey. Just because the stock image is HD and free, it doesn’t mean you have to use it.

Ideally, you should portray images of the real people (or the real product) at work. Take some time to photograph what happens behind the scenes. It will be worth it in the long-run to invest in high-quality product photography.

Bear in mind that you have to catch the audience’s attention within seconds. It takes about 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for people to create an opinion about your website (8ways, 2019).

All you need to nail an impression about your brand are a couple of pro images that stay on the user’s mind even when they’ve logged off.

Final Thoughts

Your brand tells a story. Until it is distinct enough, people won’t remember it. Your website is the entrance to this story. Make sure it is impressive, catchy, and outstanding!

We hope our blog helped you make some improvements to your site. Feel free to express your comments below.

Usman Ali

3 thoughts on “4 Important Web Design Tips to Improve your Brand Awareness”

  1. Hey Usman, You nailed it very well.

    Yes, Design helps a lot in the branding. Unique design is very important for the branding.

    Creating Images with unique design is also crucial step in the branding.

    Thank you Usman for this post. Keep post such awesome content.

    Great work Usman and Anthony.


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