5 Hacks to Create Content That Gets Shared

Do you struggle to create content that sticks in the minds of your followers and compels them to share with their own followers?

It’s a tough task, no doubt, but it’s not impossible.

Driving traffic to articles and other content is something we all strive to achieve. To make it happen and give your content a chance to get noticed, you’ll be required to put in significant effort…and employ a few clever tricks.

When I started my career as a content writer, I struggled to create content that really connected. Even now, I’m still working to refine my writing skills.

Recently, I decided to dig into the content I’ve created to see if there was anything I could do to make that connection happen more quickly. After researching and analyzing the behavior of my online readers, I came up with some easy-to-implement tips that will help your content get shared.

Compose striking title

Yes, the most attention grabbing thing in an article is its Title or Heading. Use the fullest ability of your creativity here to create an impressive title. It’s the first thing that grabs your readers’ attention. I can’t stress enough the importance of a catchy, SEO-focused title.

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Evoke Curiosity

Often, readers skip right over an article if there’s nothing to tell them that they might find the content interesting. Hence, evoke readers’ curiosity by asking a query or providing quality tips. Include, How, why, when, what. This will generate an urge to read the article further. You can also establish communication with your readers to hold their interest. So, if your content is lacking the curiosity factor, then make sure you incorporate it into all future posts.

Offer Solutions In Concise Fashion

Your articles should be useful and offer solutions to reader’s problems. People, however, don’t like to read lengthy paragraphs to get those solutions. Keep things concise by breaking your articles into sections with sub-headers and keeping your paragraphs short.

Simple & Crisp

Keep your articles short. There are schools of thought that say long form content is best, but I tend to lean toward the short form. Many people won’t take the time read a 1000-word article, instead preferring a short article with a concept that’s simply stated. That doesn’t mean you need to cut out all the value. Just cut out the jargon and fluff and you’ll be fine.

Conclude Smartly

Always be sure to wrap up your article with a conclusion. Let the reader know when your piece has ended and they can seek additional info or move on. Never leave them hanging…unless you’re writing a series of related articles, of course. Wrap up with a quick summary of the article accompanied by a well-defined call to action.

Before writing your next article, always remember that you’re working to increase readerships and turn those readers into loyal followers rather than just creating content for the sake of having content on your site. So, connect with them by following these must-follow tips.

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