5 Powerful Digital Marketing Tips to Finish Up the Year Strong

Digital marketing continues to gain a stronger and stronger foothold as the preferred medium for marketers (although we don’t advise you to give up on traditional marketing). Techniques and tactics involved, however, are rapidly changing. In 2015, businesses that survive will be those that understand these vigorous shifts and build a strategy that accounts for new productive changes.

This rapidly changing environment of digital marketing provides forward-thinking businesses with a fantastic opportunity to make a shift in their approach and improve returns exponentially. Here are five tips that can keep you ahead of the curve and help you stay on your digital marketing game.

1. Emphasis on visual content

According to Jeff Bullas, CEO at jeffbullas.com, we reside in a visual world. His statement amplifies why it’s so important for businesses to expand their content from simple words on a page to add enhanced visual content. Digital marketing tactics are developing at a rapid pace, which has allowed marketers to get more creative by incorporating content like infographics, videos and fascinating imagery into their efforts.

2. Focus on getting more social

While marketers are still using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn at higher rates than other sites, newcomers like Snapchat are quickly grabbing market share. In recent years, sites like Google+ (despite its uncertain future), Slideshare and YouTube have been picking up in their popularity with marketers. Social media is a great way to amplify your content, provide better customer service, increase brand awareness and the list goes on. Just make sure you use channels where your audience is active, and don’t overextend your resources by trying to be everywhere at all at once.

3. Start curating content

It can be difficult for businesses to produce enough content to keep their audience engaged, especially for small businesses and those just starting out. While in the growth phase, businesses need to find an easy way to ramp up their digital marketing without adding big salaries and spending big bucks. One of the best ways to do this is by curating relevant information from across the web and provide your readers with the much-needed information.

4. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps add both amusement and convenience to our lives. Top brands are picking up on this more and more and creating some really great apps that truly enhance the relationship with members of their target audience. For instance, Columbia Sportswear offers a knot-tying app called “What Knot To Do In The Great Outdoors.” The company clearly understands the audience by targeting outdoorsy types who typically buy the company’s products, while also adding value to their lives by providing them with useful information that can make their next camping trip easier.

Before creating an app for your business, however, here are a few things to consider. Make sure your app…

  • Is unique enough to stand out
  • Addresses a need for your target audience
  • Is easy to use
  • Focuses on the right end-users
  • Adds value to users’ lives

5. Repurpose for getting maximum value and exposure

You spend a lot of time, and sometimes a lot of money, on each piece of marketing material you create. Why waste the value of that content all in one shot. In order to augment the value of the content you publish, devise techniques to repurpose it for consumption in multiple forms and by multiple audiences.

The next time you create that blog post or infographic, consider these tips for repurposing:

  • Pull some important points from a post and tweet them all through the week linking back to the post
  • Use a long post as a starting point for a whole blog series.
  • Take a popular infographic and turn it into a series of blog articles
  • Turn a popular piece of content into a PowerPoint and place it on SlideShare
  • Take a popular blog series and turn it into a video series to enhance your YouTube channel

Whatever techniques you choose, find ways to repurpose your content. This will allow you to prolong the life span of your valuable content.

Your focus on marketing your business should be to produce and distribute high quality content. In order to make this happen and to stay relevant, it’s crucial to recognize the changes taking place in the world of content marketing and build your strategies accordingly. The present techniques of content marketing will not prevail for long, and you should be prepared to evolve with them.

What other tips do you have for digital marketers looking to wrap up the year with a bang?

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