5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Instagram

In this period of web-based media, individuals love to come to a place where they can meet and connect with like-minded people, share their stories, engage with brands they love and build strong connections online, share their points of view, and so much more.

For marketers and advertisers who truly want to help their business by advancing and publicizing it, you can make the most of the Instagram platform so you can pursue profits and grow your business.

Studies estimate that Instagram ad revenue will grow to over $33 billion by the end of 2022. Brands are realizing the value of advertising on this channel, and your brand can benefit as well.

Instagram is a great place for brands to catch clients’ consideration and help in developing their business. By sharing photos and engaging videos, you can build a relationship with your audience without seeming too pushy or salesy.

As an Instagram advertiser, you have lots of support and resources as well.

Instagram has a good number of tools available within the ads platform, and you can promote content on both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously to boost the reach.

And while advertising can be very effective, publishing content and growing your Instagram reach organically is another powerful reason to use the channel.

Posting pictures about your brand on Instagram is a great technique for brand impact. It gives your brand an excellent opportunity to show your brand’s personality and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

To give you a better background into why you need Instagram in your marketing, here are five benefits to your brand.

1.  Clients faithfulness 

When clients become faithful to your brand, they search for it on different online media sites – one of the places people prefer to connect with their favorite brands is Instagram.

People search use hashtags to search for their favorite brands by branded hashtags or popular hashtags. If you wish to grow your business and gain loyal clients, you should be active on Instagram and leverage the right keywords in your posts, as this is a very valuable channel for SEO.

2. It shows the trust

Consider a circumstance where a customer has purchased something from your organization. Assuming they enjoyed the item, if you’ve worked to build a relationship with them online, there’s a good chance they may share their satisfaction with your product on Instagram. This generates positive word-of-mouth, which helps prospective new clients in becoming familiar with your business and therefore, it will expand the client base for your organization.

3. Build relations

Instagram Stories offer another excellent opportunity to connect with your audience through engaging content. These types of posts can help create lasting relationships with your audience. When you receive comments from your followers, be sure to respond. If you ignore comments, you show that you don’t care.

Take the opportunity to grow relationships by posting content that is interesting to your target audience. By posting routinely on Instagram and keeping up with your online presence by posting visual content, you build more grounded bonds with your clients. The more you post the more your content shows up and the more people get excited for what’s coming from you next.

A little transparency into your brand goes a long way. Giving them behind the scenes or instructional recordings helps in building trust your followers and customers.

4.  Expand your customers 

Instagram can give you a big boost in the ability to connect with new customers or clients. Your content, when posted on Instagram, allows your followers to feel like they’re a part of what you’re doing. This makes them likely to share your content. And when they share your content, you’re able to connect with their followers who come across the content as a result of any shares that occur.

5. Smart tool

Since the launch of Instagram’s story feature, the brand has acquired a huge customer base. Instagram users are very engaged and active on the platform. This gives your brand a lot of opportunities to connect with them..

Instagram’s analytics function offers a lot of value in that you can uncover what’s working and what’s not and then make necessary adjustments. Data is critical to business success, and Instagram’s willingness to show highlights into how your brand’s content is working is very beneficial to your brand in informing your social media strategy.

Wrapping it up

One note that I want to wrap up on is to avoid buying a ton of followers. Post great content, and let your brand speak for itself. The follower numbers will grow organically, and those followers will be much more engaged.

When you gain a huge number of devotees on Instagram, it may appear to be a bit over the top. You obviously want to build followers, but it just looks bad if you have 1 million followers and you’re only following one person.

I want to finish up by encouraging you to post consistently. If you’re going to be active on any social media channel, you’ll want to make sure you stay active and do your best to engage.

Shiv Gupta

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Instagram”

  1. Hello Shiv,
    You have provided some good reasons why businesses should be using Instagram.

    I recently started using Instagram to promote my blog. It is a platform I have always liked and enjoyed using. We will see how it goes.


    • Hey SharlaAnn! Thanks for dropping by. I agree, Instagram is a solid channel. I don’t use it enough. Just lack of time really. I’ve built up a nice following, but I need to post more regularly. I know people who are benefiting quite a bit, and I’ve seen a lot of value in leveraging Instagram for a few of my clients as well.


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