5 Reasons Why SharePoint Intranet is Best for Your Organization

Earnest platforms, apps, and file sharing solutions make our routine business operations efficient, easy and convenient.

As the digital world is undergoing extensive changes, it has become inevitable for business enterprises to match the pace of this technological development and acquire the latest technology, tools, and skills.

When a lot of tools and technologies flashed and faded, enterprise-level collaboration and intranet software solutions progressed incredibly and outdid themselves in revolutionizing everyday business operations.

Undoubtedly, modern-day collaboration and intranet solutions like MS SharePoint have come a very long way from having ham-fisted, restricted functionalities, to become a holistic, enterprise-level collaboration solution.

MS SharePoint does not only elevate top-down communication at a workplace, but it also plays a great role in engaging employees, managing products, improving workplace and employee productivity, and overall collaboration efforts.

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Intranet Platform?

Using a corporate intranet like MS SharePoint offers you a wide range of benefits; however, the one-size-fits-all approach does not work here when it comes to setting up or implementing an intranet solution.

Unfortunately, intranet solutions are forgotten soon, as they fail to be successfully ingrained within the work processes and culture of an organization. This usually happens because either employees are failed to be provided with sufficient training and awareness of the tool, or employees themselves find reasons to avoid using it; often due to their comfortability with the old habits.

That’s why it becomes very important for an organization to choose the platform that’s completely synced in with the work process and culture of your organization, ensuring that it becomes an all-inclusive solution for your information sharing, document management, content management, and community solution.

Although these goals look very simple and valid, in reality they are very ambitious and require complete commitment and dedication. Hence, choosing the right platform is the first and most important step.

For 20 years now, Microsoft SharePoint has ruled the market when it comes to the corporate level intranet; and most importantly it is advancing every year to become even better.

When it comes to functionalities and performance, MS SharePoint simply outshines its competitors in handling all the prospective business and employee-related challenges.

Started as a Document Management System in 2001, it later added web-publishing capabilities and features in 2003, which helped it become a market leader overnight.

Some of the worth mentioning statistics and facts about MS SharePoint are listed below which will give you a quick overview about using SharePoint as an intranet.

Just like any other business, you might also want your intranet solution to cover things like about content management, knowledge sharing, or communication. Well, if you want all that, then the only answer is MS SharePoint.

SharePoint comes as an all-in-all enterprise-level collaboration solution. Collaboration lies at the center of SharePoint and it works with equal intensity for elevating employee engagement, employee productivity, and knowledge management.

Here, we have listed the 5 most important reasons that SharePoint is the ideal choice for an intranet for your business.

5 Reasons Why SharePoint Intranet Is The Ideal Choice For Your Organization

1. The Office 365 Ecosystem

MS SharePoint is part of the Office 365 Suite, and being a part of this ecosystem, there are countless in-built functionalities and features that one may find within SharePoint as well.

That is why SharePoint integrates amazingly with MS Teams, OneDrive, Skype for Business, Delver, Planner, Yammer, etc. This opens up a wide range of prospects for business organizations to improve their business operations and performance.

For instance, by using Power Automate to improve workflows, using Power BI for effective reporting and informed decision making; and then integrating them with SharePoint for better workplace collaboration.

2. Content Customization & Targeting

Customizations are crucial when it comes to the intranet. With the Microsoft SharePoint intranet, you can leverage easy integrations and customizations to drive an intranet experience according to your workplace requirements.

SharePoint allows you to target and customize content based on user groups, functions, location, seniority level, and division, etc. Also, you can personalize your SharePoint experience, site, and dashboards according to your choice.

3. Exceptional Document Management

Organizational success, to a greater extent, is dependent on the collection, storage, distribution, and sharing of data and information.

Robust document management capabilities and libraries of SharePoint are perhaps the most important features of SharePoint that facilitate enterprises to reach up to new levels of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

And, these SharePoint libraries provide easy access to your documents through quick integration with the intranet. But, SharePoint’s capabilities are not confined to document lifecycle only; rather they far surpass it.

From history check-in/check-out to seamless integration with Office 365 apps and tools, you get everything under the umbrella of SharePoint. Also, you can edit and co-author your documents without getting into the long hassles of email trails.

4. Highly Flexible & Scalable

When it comes to flexibility and adaptability, SharePoint is simply unrivaled. By having SharePoint as your intranet solution, you can simply make your workplace outshine digitally, using its wide range of proficiencies including collaboration, communication, employee engagement, enterprise search, and much more.

Business priorities keep on evolving and so does SharePoint. Microsoft has invested heavily in the advancement of SharePoint to invent new features that deliver a perfectly crafted intranet experience.

You don’t require any extra budget, time, or effort for building a custom-built intranet solution for your business now.

5. Social & Collaboration Features

SharePoint is not a rigid or static platform that can be only used on on-premise servers. With an incredible blend of collaboration and social features; Office 365 tools, Yammer’s evolvement, and ‘Follow’ features, MS SharePoint has proven itself to be an amazing corporate social and interactive solution as well.

It does not only actively engage employees while offering them a great experience to search and interact with each other. Although SharePoint does not work as a social media, its enterprise-level search functionalities to look for user profiles, job function details, projects, teams, and interests, etc. helps people interact and collaborate. In this way, SharePoint works as a communication channel within the organization while providing easy search options.

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