5 Tips To Write A Successful SEO Article

No writer can deny the fact, that writing an SEO article is way different from any other form of writing. With the marketing world evolving day-by-day, writing SEO copy is no longer as simple a task as it was only recently. Numerous amendments in Google algorithms have changed the parameters of quality for writing an article targeted at achieving SEO results.

There were those days when an article was simply keyword-based and keyword stuffing was the trick to winning the search engine game. There were times when keyword stuffing was blindly followed, and businesses didn’t seem to care if an article was just a confusing cluster of words as long as it contained a desired amount of keywords. But, with a complete makeover of algorithms and marketing concepts, today, a successful SEO can no longer get away with these practices.

In order to be a successful SEO writer today, there are a few simple rules you can follow. Here are some of the guidelines that can assist any writer in delivering successful SEO copy.

Word count

Like any other write-up, an SEO article should neither be too short nor too long. Just like any normal article, the ideal length can be limited to 600-800 words. If one keeps it too short, this will make it hard for search engines to track it and if one keeps it too long, then it might fail to arouse interest in the reader at first glance or the reader may be exhausted by the prospect of reading such a long piece and move on. Striking a balance for an ideal article length is a must to produce winning copy.

Relevant keywords

When we talk about SEO, keywords are definitely still a consideration. Ignoring their importance can cause an article to fail. Here, the trick is to infuse relevant and searchable keywords that allow search engines to locate and crawl your site, while also making sense and being used in a natural way within the piece.

There are basic, primary and secondary keywords. Primary keywords hold a major share in the article and are a must to infuse. Whereas secondary keywords are up to one’s choice, but can be very useful if they are relevant and can add that extra value to a write-up. A proper and relevant usage of keywords is critical in creating a brilliant SEO article.

Striking a keyword balance

Infusing relevant keywords won’t have a serious impact all alone. Maintaining a balance between the keyword density is a must, too. Stuffing keywords puts your content at risk of being labelled as spam by search engines. An ideal ratio of keywords should be anywhere between 6-7% of the total article length. Exceeding such limits will likely do more harm than good. You also want to make sure your keyword density isn’t too low. If it’s less than 2%, chances are that it might not get registered by search engines. An adequate and balanced use of keywords is a must.

Keyword spacing

Another important thing to consider is proper keyword spacing. The basic SEO article writing rule is restricting the use of keywords in the start or at the end of the article. Many marketers follow what I feel is a myth of using the keywords in the title, which isn’t necessarily best practice. Keywords must be properly spaced out and should be evenly spread out in the article.

Structuring the article properly

For any form of writing, this is a prerequisite. An appropriate introduction, an informing content body and a meaningful conclusion are the basics. Maintaining a proper flow of thoughts and ideas or information with apt creativity is a necessity. Adding relevant sub-headings or infusing a point-structure description makes it easier for the reader to go through the complete write-up and grasp the main points quickly. Only infuse the required information. Flooding an SEO article with information might kill it. Straight-forward approach, error-free copy and use of simple language can make an SEO article successful.

In every form of marketing, the end result is to gain a satisfied and informed customer. The above tips can help a writer escalate the level of their content copy and achieve better results. Follow these tips and start creating articles that are optimized for search and will help you improve your positioning.

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