5 Ways Email Marketing Can Boost SEO Results

So many businesses are using the internet or making it the main focus of their companies. Since this is the case, it’s important to find ways to increase your brand’s internet presence.

This includes finding the best time for outreaching through emails, improving search engine optimization (SEO), or informing customers of any company changes.

When it comes to trying to improve SEO for your business, there are different approaches you can take to your email campaign. This goes beyond sending emails to subscribers, but planning ahead and making necessary changes to get that boost in SEO results. By preparing different plans and using different techniques, you can see that boost occur.

This article will give you five ways that you can improve your SEO results through email marketing. It won’t explain how to create and execute a campaign, but it will explain how you can change and adjust your campaign to account for SEO. The first two points focus on strategies and the last three points provide actions your company can take to improve SEO results.

Let’s dive in!

Collect Data on Your Email Campaigns and Use Them

Email campaigns provide your company the opportunity to collect data on different types of information. For example, you can see how much traffic you gain from different campaigns, so that lets you know that the campaign presented information or a subject line that attracted the customers.

You can then write an article on your website based on the subject lines that have the most traffic. If you see more traffic from one email campaign than another, and they were both sent around the same time of the day and week, then you can tell which one has a higher open rate. Write an article based on the information contained in the piece with more success.

Since it’s a topic of interest, more people search for answers or information on that topic. When you write an article on that subject, you will get more people to read that article, which will improve SEO results.

When people are interested in a topic, they will search for an answer. Provide that answer, and you will increase your traffic while making your customers happy.

Some people question tracking email campaign statistics, but email marketing has a huge upside, and if you measure results you can make the right adjustments to increase your success. This means that out of all other options, such as organic search and content marketing, email marketing  can help you gain the most money in proportion to what you spend on email marketing.

Learn About Customer Queries

People use search engines as an informational tool. They search questions and phrases to find the information that they want. With this in mind, you can boost your SEO results by providing answers to those questions. But even if you write articles or provide information to answer those common questions, how do you get the search engine to put your website on the front page?

Google focuses on finding information relevant to the user’s search. It’s important to find out what your customers want to know, and one way to find out that information is through surveys. This is why surveys are so common for companies: the results are direct feedback from customers to help you determine how to improve your businesses.

Companies commonly send surveys through emails, since they can send them to people that are already customers. If a person uses the service, they are more likely to participate, because it’s a brand they recognize and trust. This will also let you reach out to your target audience and get feedback from them.

This survey would include questions to find out what your customers have questions about and what they want to know. The survey questions can directly ask what confuses them or simply what aspects of the business keep them as a customer. These questions will let you know what information the customers value, so build upon that desired information.


Invite Customers With A Call to Action

While preparing and creating plans is important to boost SEO results, it’s also important to take action. However, to improve SEO results, you will need your customers to act. This is where it’s important to have a call to action (CTA) for your customers whenever you send out an email campaign, so within your email you need to give them an invitation to encourage them to act.

An effective call to action invites the customer to do something without being overbearing or rude. If you present it in a professional way, then people will respond well to the CTA, even if they don’t act on it. While the primary goal is to get people to perform the action you invite them to do, your company can gain future benefits from people having a positive view of it.

One way to ensure that CTAs don’t intimidate your customers is by keeping the CTA simple. Businesses commonly provide invitations to follow them on social media. When people follow a business’s social media accounts, they have more exposure to the company and its products. An easy way to do this: provide social media buttons at the bottom of the email.

There are other calls to action that a company can give through email. Another common one is links, which involves asking the reader to click on the link to access deals, information, or anything else that your company wants to offer. If you present the information as a hyperlink, it will be highlighted in blue, underlined, making it stick out from the email and easy to access.

Have the Right People Visit Your Company’s Website

Traffic is, obviously, critical to websites. After all, how can anyone make a purchase online if they aren’t visiting your company’s website? Traffic from the right visitors who stick around longer increases your rates and statistics, allowing your company to appear sooner in search engines.

Search engines love positive stats, so this is why it’s so important to have your intended audience visit your website rather than those who might not be looking for what you have to offer and could bump up your bounce rate.

Targeting the right customers includes people that are interested in your service and who will likely continue to use it and make purchases. Which you seek depends on your intentions: for example, if you are focused on ad revenue, then you need to increase your website’s open rate, but if you want sales, then you need to increase the time people spend on your website.

This means that you need to identify your purpose and get your audience to react accordingly. If you need money through ad revenue, then present information and titles in a way to get people curious so that they will click on your website.

If you want people to make purchases, then provide information and an easy to use interface to get them to stay on the site longer.

So, how does this boost SEO?

Such traffic and time spent on your website will naturally increase the SEO results. Since more people visit, use, and stay on the website, search engine algorithms recognize the website as relevant to users. In short, this strategy will not only provide monetary gains for your company, but it will also boost your SEO results, which will expand your business virtually.

There are plenty of programs and ways to have specific emails sent to people. While email campaigns will send emails to everyone subscribed, a company can automatically send an email to anyone who signs up for their subscription or segment those lists further to send more targeted messages.

When you send a welcome email, you have the chance to apply the four other tips mentioned in this article.

A welcome email lets you collect data, since you can see the open rates and other information from the emails. If people don’t click on those welcome emails, then you know that you should try to make some changes, such as adjusting the content or the subject line. Whatever changes you make should be based on the information you collect.

You can learn about customer queries, since you can encourage people to take a survey in that email, or you can encourage them to send questions to your company’s email. Not only that, but all of these are a CTA for your customers, as it invites them to interact and visit your website.

You are also bringing the right people to your site, because the people who subscribe are those who are interested in your product. By sending out automated email, you can easily send the most important information and various links to your new subscribers.

Final Remarks

Each of these tips provide a way for your company to gain a boost in SEO results. They provide ways of addressing the situation and actions you can take to encourage people to visit, interact, and use your website. The key here is getting the customer to act, as their actions bring revenue to your company.

Keep these tips in mind, as they can help you further optimize your email marketing. Email marketing requires effort and time, but based on the benefits it provides for companies, this effort and time is worth it in the end. SEO will provide you with more traffic, as those associated terms, articles, and questions will connect to your website.

By applying these tips, you will gain more opportunities and benefits for your company. Email marketing still stands as one of the top ways to expand a business and increase traffic, so take advantage of this powerful tool.

Spend some time properly planning out changes and new ideas for your email campaign. By doing so, you will provide the information and content that your audience needs. This is the key to successfully boosting SEO results: the customers. By finding ways to reach out to them, you will see your traffic grow for your business as success continues to happen.

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways Email Marketing Can Boost SEO Results”

  1. With email marketing, you can get highly targeted traffic to your website. You can share your blog posts with your email list with a clear call-to-action (CTA). Those who are genuinely interested in your content will click on the CTA button & go to your website. They will be highly-qualified visitors, so you know that they will like the content of your posts. This reduces their chances of bouncing away from your website, hence decreasing your bounce rate.

    • Great points, Aaron. Email can definitely drive traffic that’s qualified and interested in your content. They likely subscribed in the first place because they love what you have to offer, so when you get them back on your site via email, they can certainly help drop your bounce rate.


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