6 Awesome Websites for Downloading Free PDF Books

Books are one of the most powerful and valuable tools known to humanity. They can help mold a person to be more knowledgeable and successful in life. They provide both knowledge and warmth in an equally capable manner.

While books are the haven of knowledge, they are also called a man’s best friend for a reason. A book is a companion that you could depend on at all times to lift your day during bad times. PDF books serve the same person in an easier way.

Another great function of books is that they help to broaden the horizon of our minds. All humans are born with a limited amount of knowledge, but with so much potential to grow that knowledge.

It is our responsibility to seek more and more knowledge. Books greatly help at this as they are an assortment of innumerable people documenting their personal experiences. And stories that have already embarked on the quest to gain knowledge and broaden their minds can help you get ahead when you embark on your own journey.

The Nobel Prize-winning American author John Steinbeck once said, “ I guess there are never enough books.”

While this is true, hardcover books can be a pretty expensive commodity at times. But with the advent of technology in the 21st century, digital solutions have become exceedingly popular.

The coronavirus pandemic has acted as a catalyst to bring forth online education and work from home. More and more users have accepted this change with open arms and upgraded their setup with the latest tech such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and e-readers like the Amazon Kindle.

Why use PDF books?

Due to everything being shifted online and with us moving towards a more paperless world, reading books on an e-reader or tablet just makes more sense. It saves the environment, it’s cost-effective, and takes up far less space.

Purchasing hard copies of books is one thing, but purchasing a soft copy to read on your smart device is a simple waste of money, in my opinion.

You ask me why?

It is because there are some really cool websites out there from where you can download PDF books for absolutely no money.  Let’s talk more about some of these sites and take a look at the top 6 most valuable websites for downloading free PDF books.


1.   Library Genesis- (PDF books downloader)

A personal favorite among Kindle users, Library Genesis or Libgen, as it is called in short, is a digital storehouse of over 2 million books, articles, and papers, all available for free.

Not just in PDF format but also many other supported formats for various devices such as EPUB, MOBI, and so on. You can browse from their amazing collection of books, magazines, and even comics. You don’t even need to sign up or create an account; it is as simple as it gets.


2.   Z-Library- (PDF books downloader)

Reputed as the world’s largest free ebook library, Z-Library or Z-lib. As it is better known, has a massive collection of scholarly articles, academic and general-interest books.

They are all available in PDF format for download for free. And you can even create a free account for a smoother process. In addition, you can download books and even convert them from one format to another as per the needs of your device.


3.   BookBoon- 

Highly popular for being known as the largest publisher of ebooks in the world, BookBoon has a niche of mainly two categories. That is Business related ebooks and textbooks for students and over 75 million free ebooks.

The student-friendly books are written by the professor, and all PDFs are 100% free for all. Furthermore, if you like using BookBoon, you can get access to exclusive e-books by purchasing their subscription.


4.   PDF Drive- 

Topping the collection of BookBoon, this is a site that lets you download books, tutorials, manuals, and much more absolutely for free. According to the data on the site, the site contains more than  90 million free ebooks.

Making it a must-have search engine for all e-readers out there. The user-friendly interface and the comprehensive search system allow you to download whichever book you want to download very easily.

All these reasons make the site a very popular destination to maintain your daily dosage of books. It is a progressive platform that grows each day, with more and more titles being added to it. The best part is that if you wish to get a copy of any PDF books, you can download the ebook version with the help from 4Hub, or order it from here itself and get a hard copy delivered right to your doorstep.


5.   Manybooks- (PDF books downloader)

If you are a fiction buff, then look no further. The main genre of this website is fiction, and even self-publishing authors can publish their works on this site.

Most of the books available here are free to read online. And you can even download the PDF for free if you want it for offline reading as well. It also has a paid membership plan that offers many great discounts on books and is worth every buck.


6.   Calameo PDF Downloader- 

If you are not a very heavy book reader, but more into magazines and publications, then Calameo is your go-to place. It is a website where you can get access to a wide variety of magazines ranging from traveling, cooking, sports, cars, and much more.

Calameo PDF Downloader is basically where you paste the URL of the work you like, and voila, it’s done. You can download it for free in PDF format.

All the websites mentioned above are 100% safe and free. There is no risk of viruses, illegal activities, or piracy in any of them. Apart from the ones mentioned in the list, there are a few others too if you want to give it a try. They are Internet Archive Books, PDF Search Engine, BookFi, Digilibraries, FeedBooks, and many more.

 Conclusion :

Apart from all these websites, there’s also a simple trick you can follow to get free PDF books using the search engine Google. Just search for “your keyword file type: PDF.” For example, if you want to search for a murder mystery.

Then this is what you should type in the search bar- “murder mysteryvfiletype: PDF,” and you will get many relevant search results. Open any one of them and then save the PDF for free by clicking the download option in the menu bar. Which looks like a downward arrow. Hope this was helpful. Happy Reading!

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Ellie Bennington

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