6 Marketing Influencers You Should Be Following

Looking to boost your career potential as a marketer and earn the title of thought leader? That feat isn’t easy, but with a little help from a few marketing influencers, the odds are a bit more in your favor.

Whether building mutually beneficial relationships with influencers or simply learning from the wisdom they offer, the power of these highly respected marketing influencers shouldn’t be ignored.

To help you get started on the right path to connect with and learn from influencers, I’ve selected a few of my favorite marketing influencers to share with you. Follow these 6 marketing influencers to help you grow as a marketer.

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is known as the Wizard of Moz. Formerly CEO, Fishkin’s SEO wizardry earned him this new, whacky, but pretty accurate title. If you haven’t checked out the Moz Whiteboard Friday video series, please do so today. Great advice, in an engaging format.

Ann Tran

Ann Tran is a sought after public speaker and travel writer who just-so-happens to be a highly authoritative social media marketer. Ann’s more than 500,000 followers on Twitter enjoy a solid mix of engaging posts about travel presented side-by-side with tips for improving as a digital marketer.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is behind a lot of brands you’ve heard of but maybe never associated with him. He helped found KISSMetrics and Crazy Egg, two popular tools that allow marketers to measure various digital successes. He’s also worked with brands like Amazon and NBC to help them drive revenue through improved digital marketing. Not too shabby a resume, right? Neil offers some excellent advice from his social media pages, so go check it out and get educated.

Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi is the undisputed king of content marketing. He founded what later became the Content Marketing Institute in 2007, and he’s skyrocketed to rock star thought leader status since. Visit Joe’s website or the Content Marketing Institute website, and you really won’t have to go anywhere else for content marketing advice.

Pam Moore 

Pam Moore is a consultant who’s helped numerous businesses improve upon their digital marketing. Her personality really comes across in her blog posts. You won’t get your typical “step 1, step 2, step 3” mundane posts here. These are really enjoyable reads. And don’t forget to check out Social Zoom Factor, Pam’s podcast series.

Sam Hurley

Sam Hurley is a great story. This guy came out of nowhere and built a social media empire of sorts. How did he do it? He helped others. While he really focused where he presented his expertise (specifics blogs, etc.), he was also more than willing to hold out a hand to lift others up along the way on his meteoric rise to social media stardom. That can go a long way. Definitely check this guy out.

By keeping up with advice from these 6 marketing influencers, you’ll come away with valuable tips to help improve your position as a marketer. If you aspire to reach influencer status yourself, these individuals serve as excellent blue prints. So, whatever your goals may be, these folks have tons of value to add to help you achieve them.

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