6 Things Google Won’t Tell You About E-commerce SEO

Having an ecommerce business demands much knowledge about SEO. There are so many tricks and secrets, that you need to research in order to stay up-to-date about the details that can matter for your business. 

Doing high quality ecommerce SEO is really tricky. Since it is an ever-changing and evolving process, updating information and staying relevant to the latest trends have become a necessity.

Forward thinking companies and ecommerce marketing agencies keep a vigilant eye on changing trends, which gives them new ideas and helps them stay on top of all that’s important about SEO. Let us dive into some of them:

Remove Everything which Can Slow your Website Performance

Statistics show that ecommerce website users expect fast load time response. Since it is a major ranking factor for Google, speeding up website performance becomes an obligatory, rather than a necessity. 

Even 1 second delay can impact on conversion for over 7%. As you see that website speed makes the battle stronger and can impact on your business even if you have an ideal website design, you need to do everything to speed it up.

Removing non-essential elements from your website and deactivating everything that you do not use will change the way your website performs. While some marketers do not give it much importance, those who do often benefit from it. 

Top Ranking Websites use Social Media Platforms more Often

If you look at marketing strategies, social media and search engines are two different platforms and demand different approaches. However, while non-directly, social media has changed a lot in the world of SEO.

Due to high quality links that you share on social media platforms and as they have high web authority, businesses with active use of SMM manage to rank higher. Statistics show that this refers especially to businesses, which use Facebook.

Besides, Facebook Ads are cost effective, and they target more potential buyers with lots of great targeting options. Using this tactic can help you to increase your website visibility, get quality traffic, improve UX and brand awareness.

Having a Video on Your Website Homepage can Improve your Ranking

There are many reasons video content has become essential for SEO and business growth. For starters, video is a great way to inform, educate and engage. However, videos on your homepage can bring you larger benefits than you can expect.

When a person visits a website and finds a video on the first page, it increases the chances that they will stay on your website. It prolongs the amount of time they spend, which can boost both your conversion rate and SEO ranking

Google does not Penalize Websites with Duplicate Content

Using white-hat SEO is essential for your business success and will keep you away from a variety of bad situations. Content marketing as well is essential, since quality and relevant content is an important ranking factor.

However, it is worth mentioning that Google does not have a duplicate content penalty and so it will never be a matter for your website to be penalized. Of course, it can bring many bad results, since it becomes complicated for search engines to make a choice between identical content as far as which one is the most important. Hence, avoiding it is recommended.

Distance Matters in Local SEO Ranking

Local SEO is essential, since it helps local searchers to get a product or service they want near them. It can be beneficial for businesses to get more customers and drive targeted traffic and get higher conversion rates.

Google considers many factors while ranking a page on Local SEO, including NAP, links, keywords, like in the case of organic SEO. However, there is one thing that differs: based on geolocation, Google highlights top results that are closer to the customer by distance. For customers, it is essential too. According to statistics, customers prefer to visit a store which is less than five miles from them

Naming Images and Alt Tags Can be Considered as an Advantage for Google

Image optimization helps your business in different ways. Using quality and relevant images will boost your sales and improve UX. However, naming your website images and using alt text can increase your SEO ranking as well.

Since the algorithms cannot directly understand images, this information gives search engines and idea what your image is about. What you need to do is to use appropriate, informational and useful content as well as avoid keyword stuffing.


While concentrating your efforts on SEO, remember that it is a complicated discipline with many secret hints. These hints can either build your business or destroy its performance. 

Google has changed a lot of components with its algorithm updates. They can do a lot when connecting the potential visitors to your website. For this, you need to optimize your website for SEO, considering all possible errors that can harm the business. 

Although SEO seems a long process, it is the most effective way of getting organic traffic. It is essential since it increases customer trust and brings great benefits to your business.

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