6 Types of Ways to Share Content for Your Business to Thrive Online

Ways to Share Content to Thrive

There are several great ways to share content for your business. Today more than ever having your own blog as your content hub is imperative.

Social media is becoming more fragmented as users are fleeing some social media networks for others. Others are just not even participating anymore on social media.

ways to share content

They may not close down their accounts, but you will not find them posting away anymore on them.

So how will you reach people in the coming months? I have several ways in which you can do that.

1. Blog Commenting

One simple method is blog commenting in your niche. Yes, remember the old blog comments? Those that allow them are a great way to connect with other like-mind people. Oftentimes, blog comments offer a link back to your last blog post.

There are several different types of commenting systems and each works a little differently. At the very least, you gain visibility by leaving comments on your favorite blogs. Who has not seen Ryan Biddulph commenting on a blog about blogging?

2. Forums

Yes, the good old fashion forums are still out there. Just do a search online for your niche and you will find some today. They may be on Reddit or Next Door but these forums are everywhere online.

3. Communities

What do I mean by communities? Take for example Biz Sugar. They have a community of small businesses (and some medium-size businesses) that share blog content on their network.  You can share others or your own content – up to 5 pieces per day. If the articles are great you will get featured in their newsletter and on other networks.

4. Q and A Sites

Another great way to get visits to your content is using a site like Quora. It is a question-and-answer community. Check to see if your niche is on it and you can ask and answer questions. The more you answer the higher your credit appears on the network.

If a blog post answers the question be sure to include the link. Just be sure not to use a link every time you answer a question on Quora, or it will be seen as spam. It’s one of the highest sources of traffic on my Inspire to Thrive blog.

Lisa Sicard Quora profile
Image: Lisa Sicard Quora profile – Source

5. Video Sites

Not only is there YouTube, but now you have other video networks like Vimeo, Brightcove and Rumble – to name a few. Recently I wrote about the Rumble network and how you can make money while you share your videos.

I’ve received more video views there than on YouTube, and it brought traffic back to the blog. Rumble has been growing in popularity as YouTube has been censoring a lot of videos these past few months. (But you can post to both via Rumble.)

Besides posting your videos on these networks you can also comment on other’s videos.  Subscribe to your favorite channels and be the first to comment on their latest videos.

6. Podcasts

Podcasts became really popular in 2020 and continue to in 2021. According to Podcast Insights, there are Over 525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes.

popularity of podcasts

However, with podcasts, you can listen while driving or from anywhere you are. Hence, you don’t need to read and be at your desk.

Some Ways to Share Content  for You to Boost It

  • HARO – Help a reporter out. Get featured on various sites throughout the web when you can answer questions and provide info for reporters. (and get a backlink too!) You sign up for a free account and receive emails in your niche. Then you can pick and choose which to write for without any guarantee they will publish. Do check out our guide on helping you succeed using Haro
  • Next Door – Sign up for your neighborhood. You can respond to posts and questions from your neighbors. You may also have a business page and advertise on this network that’s been around for some time now.
  • Medium – Medium is a place to write and also comment at. By writing on Medium you do form another community around your blog if done correctly.
  • Of course, newsletters – Don’t forget to build your email list and send emails out to your readers. A great way to keep in touch if they leave your favorite social network. Beware too, that many people change their email. So keep on top of your favorite contacts!

Marketing-Only Places as Ways to Share Content

  • Refind – An easy way to bookmark your favorite articles/blog posts online. And then save it to a reading list for others to read.
  • Growth Hackers – A community of mostly marketing professionals sharing their blog posts and others with commenting enabled areas.
  • Zest – My favorite marketing channel that does not accept all articles submitted. They do pick the best-written articles that are not overly promotional. Zest will let you know when they disapprove of any of your submissions. It works best with their mobile app. They do offer a premium subscription as well.

In Conclusion

Finally, what other ways to share content online today are you using? We’d love to know more in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “6 Types of Ways to Share Content for Your Business to Thrive Online”

  1. Hey Lisa, You nailed it very well.

    Yes blog commenting and YouTube are great ways to drive the traffic to your blog or website. Blog commenting not only drives referral traffic, it helps to build the strong relation with other bloggers.

    Thank you Lisa and Anthony for bringing this awesome content.

    keep inspire to thrive with such helpful content.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    Yes, many skip the blog commenting part of the all equation. I sometimes go days before I get back into myself and know I should do it daily. It can really make a difference! Not only that but networking and learning something new always comes from reading other blogs.
    Thanks for your input on this one Ryan and make it a great day down there in paradise!

    • So true, Lisa. It’s really easy to slip away from it and let is slide off your plate with all we already have going on. Definitely something, however, that you need you need to make time for!

  3. All absolutely fab points Lisa. Thanks for the mention too. Blog commenting is still way overlooked as a reliable means of making friends and sharing content because comments are content, adding genuine value to blog posts. You and Anthony understand this truth and manifest it through your helpful, valuable comments. Rocking post, as always.



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