7 Top Airbnb Clone Scripts to Easily Launch a Site Like Airbnb

Airbnb has brought in a unique way to connect people. It has seamlessly connected travelers around the globe with people who want to rent out their living spaces. The concept of Airbnb has become a proven business model and the market is promising. Not just vacation rentals, the model can be easily tweaked to mold to diverse niches. Airbnb is an innovative peer-peer marketplace for users to list, discover, and book unique living spaces across the world.

If you are looking for information on how to make a website like Airbnb, you are in the right place. Due to its rising popularity, potential to generate revenue, achieve business growth, a lot of businesses are planning to launch their own Airbnb website. However, the technical requirement that comes along with it is bigger than what new businesses can handle. The cost to build Airbnb-like platform, security issues, monetization, etc. requires a lot of effort and work.

But don’t worry; there are some easy ways out there to build a fully functional Airbnb-like site. Marketplace website scripts are ideal for building your own Airbnb platform with improved design and functionality inspired by Airbnb itself. Each one features a different advantage to boost your rental platform. Using these Airbnb scripts, you can set up an apartment rental marketplace without doing any development from scratch.

Here are 7 Airbnb clone scripts to launch your own Airbnb like site instantly.

  1. RentRoom

Looking for the ability to implement advanced vacation rental features in your Airbnb platform? You name it and RentRoom has it all. RentRoom by RentCubo is one of the best Airbnb clone scripts available to build a functional vacation rental marketplace like Airbnb. With RentRoom, you can build a customized Airbnb platform, and tailor it based on your unique business model.

It comes with a user-friendly and responsive design to deliver a clean user experience. With RentRoom it is easy to accept a booking from different parts of the world and facilitate secure financial transactions. Deployed in the cloud, the website script is equipped with a range of advanced filter options, intuitive search features, secure money transactions, and a lot more.

Incorporated with a plethora of advanced features, RentRoom is highly user-friendly and fully customizable. This Airbnb clone script is priced at $1000-$2000. One of the major advantages of Rentroom is that it offers a lite version worth $1000 which is much better than a free live demo.

  1. Renters

Renters from Zoplay is another Airbnb website script that comes with key features like watermark, review and rating, monetization, coupon code module, etc. The Renters clone script also features an integrated currency converter that helps the users to convert their currency to any foreign currency. It also comes with a user-friendly communication system that makes the host and guest communication seamless. The clone script comes in 4 different plans to choose from- Lite, premium, premium plus, and ultimate plan ranging from $649-$2299.

  1. Bristostays

Developed by Ncrypted, Bristostays is another ready-made Airbnb clone script that allows you to launch your vacation rental business on the go. The script is packed with basic features like the admin dashboard, testimonial system, and other advanced features like filters, multiple currency support, host and guest communication system, referral system, etc. It comes in 2 price plans- the professional edition priced at $649 and the enterprise edition priced at $949.

  1. Airfinch

Airfinch is an Airbnb rental script developed by Appkodes. This Airbnb clone script has some of the best features like search with advanced filters, calendar for booking, notification alerts, simple reservation process, a secure messaging platform for hosts and guests, etc.

Airfinch is not just for vacation rentals, it can also be used for developing boat rentals, vehicle rentals, medical rentals, tools and equipment rentals, and a lot more. If you want to kick start your vacation rental business with an outstanding booking platform, this rental script is one of the best and cost-effective Airbnb clone solution to turn your ideas into reality. Airfinch clone script is categorized into 3 plans- elite, ultimate, and enterprise ranging from $1499 to $5000.

  1. Burrow

Burrow developed by Agriya is one of the best rental clone scripts that will help you launch your own online apartment rental system. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of Burrows’s exclusive set of features and significant functionalities. It comes with many value-added modules to keep up the performance of your Airbnb-like business.

Bootstrap responsive design, property request, insights, integrated Google Analytics, affiliates, plugin friendly, pre-launch mode, private beta mode, advertisement banners, etc. are some of the best features. The pricing starts from $597 and costs an additional $134 for installation, customization, and support.

  1. AirHotels

AirHotels by Apptha enables you to start your Airbnb-like business instantly. It has some of the best features like a simple and efficient booking system, payment gateway, video integrations. Other advanced features also include smart search, one step checkout, recurring payments, social logins, fully customized and SEO friendly URLs, and a lot more. The clone script is priced around $599 with 3 months of free support.

  1. RentAir

RentAir is another Airbnb clone that you can use to deploy your Airbnb platform instantly. Developed by Codester, it is one of the most affordable website scripts in the market. Priced at $249 for a regular license and $747 for an extended license, it is not just affordable, it comes loaded with a lot of amazing features like fully customized admin dashboard, property booking, calendar availability checker system, account management, etc.


Building a vacation rental website like Airbnb takes a huge amount of effort. The above mentioned Airbnb clone scripts make the work easier by offering an instantly launch able solution that comes with all the essential features and functionalities. To make an impact in the industry, try incorporating a unique feature or a couple of features to meet the requirements of your target market. With a customizable website script, you can create a solution beyond an Airbnb clone according to the preferences of your target market and your business needs.

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  1. That’s really awesome. I would suggest the rental business to proceed with readymade clone script. For the the online rental marketplace with the classified options its ready-made script is the best option to reach your niche to set up a rental business within a minimal time.

  2. Hello!! Very informative article!! For me, it was very useful to know about the 7 top Airbnb clone scripts to easily launch a site like Airbnb!

  3. Hi, Good day wishes! Your blog is quite informative and delivers the entire essential about Airbnb clone script. Yes! Creating a own rental marketplace is a right choice of business nowadays since it is an utmost necessity of this fast moving world.

    • Right now, unfortunately, travel is a difficult industry to be in. That said, once things begin to fully come back to life in the hospitality industry, having an Airbnb-style business could be quite lucrative.

  4. Hi There, Nice blog, Thanks for sharing with us, I would suggest RentALL Script the ready to implement airbnb clone script, readily available for launch. Take a live demo for it to get a more info.

  5. Venturing into the online rental business will be just a piece of cake when you make use of a comprehensive Airbnb clone solution. Some of its advanced features include instant messaging system, hourly/nightly booking, special calendar, multi-currency options, etc

    check with Appkodes Arifinch


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