7 Big Mistakes to Avoid While Building Your Website

In the modern era, a website is the first interaction a brand or an organization often has with its intended audience.

It plays a vital role as a touchpoint for customers and can either strengthen or destroy a business’s brand image. So, before creating your website, you need to know the exact purpose of the website as well as mistakes to avoid that could hurt your site.

There are a variety of things you need to consider for the success of a website. It should be kept in mind that your website needs to be appealing and user-friendly to attract potential customers, but there are other considerations to take into account.

Why Your Website Matters?

When it comes to building a website that can attract a maximum audience, there is so much to think about.

Your website should do the following things (if built properly):

  • It provides a positive first impression to your customers.
  • A well-organized website motivates visitors to do business with you.
  • Information such as hours of operation, location, and contact info should be easy to find from the website.
  • It gives your business new potential customers.
  • A quality website is friendly to all devices, easy to navigate, and appears more appealing to the customer, which increases the traffic on your site.

Website designers and developers know all the dos and don’ts of web building. And that avoid the mistakes that you need to avoid. Let’s take a look!

Common Mistakes You Must Avoid While Creating Your Website

1.     Lack of Responsiveness:

When creating a website, make sure your website is responsive to every user. Don’t forget; millions of users visit websites through smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Your website should offer an optimal view across all these devices, and if it does not, it may limit your customers and send them away.

2.      Slow Servers:

If your server response time is low, your website will automatically be slow. A slow server directly indicates performance issues. As per a recent report, an average visitor often will not wait more than 2-3 seconds for your website to load before moving often. And if your website is slow, then there are more chances of losing potential customers.

3.      Poor Quality and Difficult to Read Fonts:

Cursive fonts and symbols can be difficult to read. Fonts that are unclear and difficult to read decreases cognitive fluency. This could be included in the design category, so be sure that the text you use on your website is easy to read because readers prefer content that is easy to understand and that they can easily scroll through.

4.      Irrelevant and Inappropriate Content:

When visitors reach your site, they read approximately 28% of your content (on the page where they land that is – not the entire site). It is important not to demand much concentration from your readers. If they find your content interesting, they will go on reading it further. Content consisting of long pages and a huge amounts of text will drag the audience’s attention away from reading your intended message. So, pay careful attention to the content you choose for your site.

5.     Unknown of your Target:

The purpose of building a website for your business is to connect target customers with your brand. Your site must serve a sense of what matters to your visitors and add value to their lives. Don’t use language that sounds suitable to yourself, instead make sure you understand how your readers talk and how they’d like the content they consume to sound. You already know your brand and your company. Consider every page, graphic, link, and text on your website and ensure it is engaging toward your target.

6.      Poor Design Usage:

Design plays an essential role in your website. As mentioned earlier, it create either a positive or negative first impression. Do not design your website unless you are a website designer (or you hire one). Using professional website designing services can ensure you get a site that is easily accessible to users, has appropriate links, offers images and videos, and doesn’t make it complicated for the customers to reach satisfy needs.

7.     Missing SEO:

SEO is an ongoing process. It is important to consider while researching building your website. For your website to be found in search results, you need to have some descriptive metadata that uses your keywords. It is helpful to both your customers and search engines as well.


My final words are, “make it easy for your customers to do business with you.” It is important to ease them in and help them in finding the information they want or being able to contact you by providing a site that is informative and accessible from any available device. By focusing on your business and target customers, you will build a site that not only meets your objectives but exceeds them and helps you grow your business.

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