7 Winning Website Animation Trends to Enhance User Experience

There is nothing better than a bunch of trendy website animations to decorate your business’ digital space. Today, animations are not just restricted to TV screens or the movies; they have found their way into the digital world.

The world has moved on to the digital space; it is about time you start building up your
website to give your site visitors a warm digital welcome

Web animations have become an essential design element, and their presence is less of a “nice to have” more of a “must have” these days. This is not only because they are considered to add delight to the overall design, but also because of their potential to increase the overall user interface’s usability.

Every website goes online, but only the ones with animations go to a user’s heart

We don’t consider ourselves as seers who see into the future of digital trends, but we do have an idea about the current trends that are dominating the billions of screens worldwide – the magic of motion is driving the emotions of every user on the world wide web.

Website animations breathe the art of realism to a web UI that takes the user experience to another level. Adding motion to static web pages creates a life-like impression making the website look more lively, dynamic, intriguing, and engaging.

2020 is the year of the digital revolution, and the time has come where companies should revisit their marketing strategies. Marketing without animated video content will go obsolete in the near future. Animated website user interfaces are the new way of hooking potential prospects.


Website Animation Trends That Will Hook The Audience To Your Website:

We are on a mission to keep you digitally updated. We try our best to give you the latest trends that are the talk of the town.

In this article, we are going to talk about the most trendy website animations that will be dominating your digital screens in the future. We recommend you read this piece till the end, so you don’t lag behind the rest.

1.  Animated Logos

Animated logos are one of the oldest website animations that have been around and still are in trend.

A logo is the stamp of a company’s essence. It narrates the story of the promises that a brand commits to its consumers. Animation simply puts that story into motion. If effectively done, an animated logo can narrate a brand’s journey with the affection of visual storytelling.

Moreover, logos are the most important to establish brand recall. Animations can help a logo to attract the user towards itself. Interestingly, animations give you an opportunity to reveal your brand persona through an animated logo.

Watch how this video, created by the team at Granite Creative Group for one of their clients, animates into the video. This video is featured on the client’s website homepage.

2.  Background Animations

A plain background can make your web page look lifeless. Remember, your website is your salesman, and a salesperson should always have a smile decorated on his face.

You can’t afford a dull background web page. Websites animation can help your backgrounds to shine, but keep one thing in mind: it should not outshine the front design elements.  Maintaining a design balance is the key here.

The motion creates attention, and if every element on the page is moving, the attention can easily turn into chaos.

3.  Liquid Animations

A decade ago, no one could have thought of liquid animations being incorporated into web designs. It is because of the effort it took to create such animations back in the days.

But now, due to the technical advancements, it has become a trend. Liquid animation is a perfect choice to add smooth and buttery transitions between scrolls.

It can add a sense of calm to your website user interface. A subtle, slow, and engaging animation website animation trend that you may want to give a look.

Check out the liquid hover actions on this nicely designed, engaging website.

Liquid Website
Image: Liquid website example – Source

4.  Loading Animations

Using loading animations is one of the oldest tricks in the book to keep the user busy while the page loads.

No one likes to wait; according to an estimate, 47% of internet users expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds, and after 8 seconds, they will leave the page. The secret to keeping the user busy is an attractive loading animation.

A catchy loading animation will hook your user to the screen if it’s made engaging, but we still recommend developing a fast loading website.

5.  Hover Effects

Simple yet effective, the hover effect is used throughout different websites to create a hooking effect. It is considered a classic website animation trick that web developers have been using since the beginning.

It is an excellent choice for developers to incorporate it with the call to action buttons as it evokes curiosity among users. The hover effect makes a website look more interactive and can increase your daily website clicks.

6.  Scrolling Animations

Scrolling animations have come into a trend because of their ability to dictate the motion. It provides a webpage with smooth transitions with each scroll.

As a user navigates through the page layout, the animations are transitioned smoothly, relating to the content displayed. A developer can explain a particular service’s entire process from the beginning till the end in the most visually appealing manner.

You can see as you scroll through the website below that element animate in, making the experience a more dynamic, engaging one.

crolling animations in web design
Image: Example of scrolling animations in web design – Source

7.  Kinetic Typography

All great website animations are not necessarily supposed to be complicated; some are as easy as kinetic typography.

The effectiveness of typography, mixed with the power of motion, creates an effect that will stun your prospects. However, traditional designers are afraid to experiment, as it affects the readability of the text.

However, today’s digital world is all about experimenting with possibilities to gain dominance over the competition. Playing and experimenting with fonts will give you an edge over the rest, who are too afraid of embracing the change,

Wrapping It Up

Website animations are here to stay!

Animation is around well before the existence of websites. Slowly and gradually, it has paved its way into the design industry, and it will continue to do so.

The trend of incorporating animations into the website user interface has opened up a gateway to possibilities for online marketers to hook their prospects. Now they have the true power of visual appeal in their hands.

We hope that the above-discussed website animation trends can inspire you to create something new and effective that can become a trend itself.

Animations inspire you to experiment!

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