A2 Hosting Product Review: Affordable and Fast Website Hosting Solutions

A2 Hosting has proven to be faster than several of the leading competitors, and you can’t beat the monthly fee starting at just $2.99 per month.


A2 Hosting touts its speed (aside from the low cost) as its most impressive trait. From what I’ve seen, they live up to the claim. I’ve setup clients on A2 Hosting, and each time the client has consistently seen load time for their site cut in half (or more). As you know, Google loves sites that load fast, so jumping on A2 hosting for this reason alone is worth it.

99.99% Uptime

While all website owners would love to achieve a 100% uptime, that’s just not in the cards. A2 Hosting’s 99.99% uptime is as close as it’s going to get. In the rare occasion that you might run into a minor issue, you can contact customer support, and they will jump on your case.

Snapshot of A2 Hosting Pricing

To Get Started on A2 Hosting, Click Here.

Excellent Customer Support

When you experience an issue with your website, there aren’t too many things more frustrating than poor support from your hosting platform’s customer service team. A2 Hosting, fortunately, doesn’t have this problem. Their staff, in my experience, has always been friendly and helpful. With the few problems I’ve run into, they have helped fix the issue quickly.

CMS Options and Migration

One great thing is that this hosting service works great across multiple CMS platforms. WordPress is my preference, but beyond WordPress you can also host sites built on Joomla, Magento, Drupal and most of the most popular CMS on the market. The A2 Hosting team also does a great job of helping you migrate your site. Depending upon your plan, you can migrate up to 25 sites. Most likely you’ll only need one, but for agencies or companies with multiple brands, you can really take advantage of this service.

One Minor Issue

There isn’t a lot wrong with A2 Hosting, but I did come across one thing. The lowest priced hosting option does come with a few restrictions (things like only be able to have one website, etc.). That said, I recommend just taking one step up from the lowest cost option and you will gain a lot.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, this is a great hosting option. I highly recommend checking it out. If you are looking for a low-cost hosting provider with lots of perks, this is the one for you. I definitely recommend checking out A2 Hosting and digging around a bit to decide if it’s the right fit for you. You can get started here.

(*Disclaimer: If you fall in love with the product and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. That said, I only recommend products that I have tested and that I love myself and see huge value in using.)

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