AGMarketingChats September 23 2021: Crafting Social Media Content That Connects (and How to Share it)

Social media is a powerful tool for helping your business launch your brand into the market, build brand awareness, grow a loyal following, and even sell products directly on platform. But how do you know what kind of content you need to create for your brand? And what are the best ways to distribute that content once you create it?

Lisa Sicard, owner of Inspire To Thrive and Founder of Small Biz Tipster, has helped numerous brands find their footing and thrive in the social media realm. During this #AGMarketingChats Twitter chat session, Lisa walks attendees through:

  • How to define your audience
  • How to determine what kind of content your audience wants to see
  • Ways to develop the right content
  • Tips to target your audience on the right channels
  • …and so much more!

Let’s jump in and take a look at question #1.

Q1: Why should businesses incorporate social media into their overall marketing strategy?

Social media offers a ton of value to businesses. Even small businesses can get into the social media game. Social media is a great way to level the playing field between the larger players and the underdogs. If you know how to approach social media for your business the right way, you can thrive. But, you need to know a few basics before you get started if you really want to be successful.

Let’s dive into some background on social media and look at some important social media marketing stats highlighted by Lisa during our chat.

As you can see, there is a huge opportunity on social media for businesses to grow. It’s important, however, that you avoid overextending your resources. Focus your social media efforts in places where your target audience actually hangs out. There are so many channels available, and if you try to be everywhere and appeal to everyone, you’re going to burn out.

Q2: What tips do you have to help businesses choose the right social media channels to be active on?

Just to be clear…you do not need to be on every social media channel. Just because a channel like TikTok is trendy doesn’t mean it’s a fit for your brand. If you spend a lot of time creating content for TikTok, but your audience isn’t there, even the greatest content will be ignored or have little impact on growing your business. Instead, follow these tips from Lisa to help you choose the right social media channels to promote your brand.

We’re constantly ‘on’ in this digital world. Even if you have a big team dedicated to social media, you can still burn out (or burn through your budget) very quickly if you aren’t properly targeting. Do your research and learn what channels your audience members are on, and then develop strategies specific to each channel (cohesive, of course, with your overarching strategy) to get the biggest value out of your social media marketing efforts.

Q3: How should businesses handle posting across different channels with different requirements, expectations, and content types (for example: Facebook vs. LinkedIn)?

While it’s important to maintain a consistent brand image and message across your entire digital presence, each channel requires its own approach. Companies that simply copy and paste the same content onto each channel are really limiting the effectiveness of their social media. Don’t be one of these companies. Instead, develop a targeted strategy for each channel.

Do your research, and break up the type of content you post. Ask questions. Create polls. Post videos and infographics. Leverage emojis (in the right quantity) and make sure you really understand what your audience wants before you start creating content for any social media channel.

Q4: There’s an ongoing debate about posting frequency. What are your recommendations for how often a business should post on social media?

Posting consistently is a critical component of social media success. That statement, however, doesn’t mean that you should bombard your audience with 100 posts per day. While you may feel that’s the ticket to getting a boost in traffic and growing your business, it’s much more likely that over-posting will lead to your social media accounts losing followers or being blocked.

Be sure to dig into your audience’s tolerance for social media posts from your brand. Your fans and customers may love your brand, but if you annoy them with over-posting (or even under-posting) they may end up running to your competitor to get away…and then you’ve lost them forever.

With so many posts flying around on a variety of channels, managing your social media content and staying consistent can be challenging. As such, a social media management tool can be super useful. In addition to Agorapulse, which is an excellent tool, here are a few other social media management tools to check out.

Q5: What should businesses consider when crafting social media content to ensure it connects with the right audience?

A lot goes into executing a social media strategy. As we’ve talked about in this article and in many other articles about social media on this blog, social media success goes far beyond just posting and then sitting back to watch the clicks and other engagement roll in. Social media should be a dialogue and an ongoing effort to build relationships with your target audience.

A few things to consider when crafting social media content to make sure it connects with your audience include:
  • Your audience’s content type preferences
  • What types of content perform best
  • What actions you want your audience to take
  • The channels you’re posting on and what content performs best by channel
  • Format, length, style, etc. – example: 15-second video on Instagram vs. a 2-minute video on YouTube
  • When your audience is most active on each channel
  • What problems your audience is trying to solve and what they need to know
  • Your audience’s tolerance for posting frequency

If you take the time to understand who you’re targeting and what they need, your posts will have a much bigger impact.

Q6: What types of content are the most shareable and get the most engagement for businesses?

Shares are always a sought after stat by businesses posting content on social media. When your audience shares your content, it not only extends the reach of your brand’s message and thought leadership, but it also serves as positive word of mouth. A share helps you reach the audience of the person who shared your content, and if that person has built trust among their audience, the share will serve as a sort of recommendation and a voucher for you, your content, and your brand.

Be useful and add value to your audience. Anything that offers values and solves problems or answers questions for your audience is more likely to be shareable. Anything that’s a conversation starter also stands a better chance of being shared. We love to be the ones at the water cooler at work who have the latest tips. You know this person. The, “Hey, have you heard…” guy or girl. This is a huge part of making content catch on.

Visual content is also very shareable. Memes, GIFs, graphics, and videos get shared a ton, as long as the content is of high quality and useful, of course.

Q7: What tips do you have to help businesses generate real conversations with their target audience on social media?

Social media is about creating a dialogue with your audience. It’s about building relationships and letting the personality behind your brand shine. Listen to your followers, customers, and fans. Don’t just shout at them. Listen, reply, and engage. This helps build lasting connections that lead to long-lasting relationships that help to keep your brand relevant and grow your business.

Part of your social media strategy should focus on ways to make real connections with your brand. The social media team at SEMRush does a great job of this. In fact, during our conversation, the brand’s social media handle was dropped into the conversation, and within seconds, someone from SEMRush joined the conversation. Taking the time to say ‘hello’ to your audience and show you’re listen can pay major dividends for your brand.

Q8: How can businesses create content for social media that drives leads and results in new business?

Ultimately, for your business to take on the dedication required to be successful using social media, your efforts need to tie back in to your overarching marketing strategy. There needs to be ROI in the form of helping your business achieve real business goals. Conversations, awareness, reach, etc. are all super important, but in the end those stats need to lead to sales.

Q9: What’s the best piece of advice you can give to an aspiring social media manager just starting out in the field?

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