AGMarketingChats: Why You Need a Social Media Management Tool and How to Leverage One to Grow Your Business

Social media is the ultimate content amplifier. It’s a cost-effective way for brands to expand the reach of their content while engaging in real conversations with fans and customers.

No one knows more about the value of social media for brands than Sameer Ahmed Khan, CEO of Social Champ. Recently, Sameer joined #AGMarketingChats as our featured guest. During the chat, we talked about the power of social media and how brands can benefit from using a social media management tool to boost performance.

In case you missed the chat, or if you want to revisit the valuable insights offered by Sameer, we’ve put together a recap of the conversation.

Takeaways from our chat include:

  • The true value of social media and why your brand needs it now
  • The benefits of using a social media tool to manage your efforts
  • Important social media trends to understand
  • How your business can get into the social media game

Let’s jump into the conversation, so you and your team can start out on the journey to social media marketing success. Jumping in with question number one.

Q1: Social media is a powerful marketing tool. For businesses still skeptical about the value of social media, why should they get on board and start marketing on social?

Despite the clear value present, as well as plenty of case studies showing that social media generates real results, there are still an unhealthy number of skeptics out there. Perhaps that’s a good thing for brands who do get it so they can stand out above their non-believer counterparts.

Social media is a great way to show your customers that you are real and there’s someone behind your actual brand. Brands that aren’t active on social media or that have a limited presence tend to be looked at as being a bit less trustworthy than those brands with a robust social media presence.

Q2: I’m a huge fan of the Social Champ social media management tool. Tell us a bit about what inspired you to create and launch this platform?

Both and Gaenzle Marketing use Social Champ to schedule the majority of our social media content. We also recommend it to our clients, and many of them have signed on and love the platform. While we had Sameer’s attention, to provide some insights for the entrepreneurial spirit in all of you, we figured we’d get a little insight into why he launched the platform.

Every successful entrepreneur has an inspirational story to tell. It’s fun to hear the background stories of how products and brands came to exist. Sameer’s story is a fun one indeed, and one that can motivate you to keep going as you look to grow your own business.

Q3: What value does using a social media management tool add for a business over publishing directly to each channel individually?

Whether your brand is active on 10+ channels or just two, social media management is not a simple effort. There’s a lot of strategy behind it, and there’s a ton of effort involved in coming up with content, scheduling that content, and then engaging with your audience. A social media management tool can give your efforts a bit boost.

A social media management tool allows your team to save time and more easily keep up with all the requirements of being successful using social media marketing in your promotional efforts.

Q4: Lack of internal resources keeps many businesses from using social media for marketing. How does a social media management tool solve this problem?

A lot of businesses shy away from social media because they simply don’t have the resources to make it happen. Technology, when used properly, can help even the smallest teams do social media effectively.

Q5: What social media marketing trends have you seen popping up that will make a big impact in 2022?

As with any digital marketing tactic, social media marketing trends change on a regular basis. If you’re caught sleeping, you can find yourself on the outside looking in. We asked Sameer to provide his insider insights into what’s in store for the future of social media marketing.

Q6: Shifting away from social media for a moment. As a successful entrepreneur, what tips do you have for budding or aspiring entrepreneurs?

We talk a lot about entrepreneurship on Sameer Ahmed Khan has had a ton of success as an entrepreneur, so we wanted to get some background into what tips he could offer to help budding or aspiring entrepreneurs succeed.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, marketing pro, or really in any role, collaboration is the key to success. There’s no reason to go it alone. Build your network, learn from those who’ve been there, and focus on continued growth.

Q7: What’s next for Social Champ? Let us in on some exciting news about the product or company that’s coming up.

We wanted to know what’s in store next for Social Champ. It seems like the brand always has something new up its sleeve, and we weren’t surprised to read Sameer’s answer.

Q8: For any business looking to get into the social media game, what is your one biggest piece of advice?

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