How After-Hours Answering Service Creates Better Customer Experiences

customer experience answering service

These days it’s growing more and more common for businesses to offer 24-hour service. Whether it’s support, actual service, or the ability to conduct customer services inquiries online, we’re all used to dealing with a company when it suits us and for things being readily available.

The ability to provide round the clock customer support can easily be met with a call answering service in place after hours. A call service will allow businesses to run as usual, with a painless way to stay connected with customers around the clock.

There are many ways after-hour call answering services can easily fit in with your current business and improve your customer experience and retention. Below we’ve listed just a few benefits that an after-hours answering service provides.

1.   Real People with a Personal Touch

When customers call up with a question or a problem, they do so looking for an immediate solution.

By using an After-Hours answering service, not only are you providing customers with a professional to speak to, you’re also helping them feel as if their problem is heard and will be sorted.

A phone answering service offers a level of security and assurance not always achieved through emails or other messaging services.

2. User-Friendly

Following on from our first point, while another popular solution is an automated call service solution, they are often not optimized for the customer. If a problem is urgent enough for a call, it’s more reassuring to hear a friendly voice on the opposite end of the line, rather than a pre-recorded message.

Not to mention, many elderly customers feel more comfortable talking directly to someone rather than emailing or leaving a message. By using a trained call answering service, you can ensure that each caller is met with someone ready to help and best represents your business core!

It also offers more personality and less troubleshooting than a pre-recorded stock message.

3. Clear communication

When customers reach out after business hours, it can be for several different reasons. By using a call-answering service to handle these calls, you can easily record contact information, assess the customer needs, and act accordingly.

Having one point of contact ensures that clients are directed to the right person and prevents inquiries and questions getting lost in a game of telephone the following morning.

4. Increased Employee Productivity

Hiring an after-hours call answering service can also benefit your employees’ productivity by cutting out time spent on tracking down leads and calls.

With one point of contact, no longer will time be wasted trying to find who last spoke to the caller. Instead, employees can focus on their work uninterrupted, both during business hours and after.

5. Fewer calls dropped

In our fast-paced world, a business not receiving means your potential customer will instead try the next number on Google.

By utilizing your highly trained after-hours dispatcher, customers are looked after no matter when they call, making them more likely to return.

6. Tailored to your business

These days, personalized customer service gives potential customers a sense of authenticity and reliability.

By using an after-hours call service, you can tailor the operators to your business model and call volume requirements. The service can also accommodate to businesses who require bilingual dispatchers.

7. Cost-Efficiency

An after-hours answering service is a cost-effective way to extend your business’s operating hours.

By hiring a professional dispatcher, you are free to pick and choose the package that best suits your company, downgrading and upgrading as needs change. Unlike hiring extra overheads, call service operators from its own space and can easily be integrated into your business.

No matter what company’s size or focus a professional after-hour call answering service adds a reliable customer service experience to your business framework.

All you necessarily to do is hire the right phone answering service for your needs, and their highly-trained operators will handle the rest.

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