5 Effective Ideas to Make Your Art Marketing Extraordinary

Creating fresh ideas to attract new customers can be challenging. It is necessary, however, to develop exciting and diverse ways to get the message across if you intend to attract the right customers.

But what can make you outstanding?

Show off your creative side and take your art business to a higher level by following interesting art marketing ideas to captivate fans.

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Create an Online Portfolio

Dealing with acrylic art can be competitive, considering that this type of art has been in existence since the early 60s. With the growth of technology and widespread use of the internet, it is impossible to ignore eCommerce marketing. 80% of today’s transactions are happening online since potential buyers are always on their smartphones, tablets, and computers searching for particular products and services.

Creating an online art portfolio is an essential initial step in marketing your art. Regardless of whether you are building bridges with new contacts, bidding for specific projects, or presenting your artwork for a competition, it is vital to have a website where you can lead people to view your work.

Before creating a portfolio, it is crucial to put some thoughts into it since it creates your first impression. Below are some tips that will make your portfolio dazzle and take your art marketing to the top.

  • Be sure to implement all your high exposure photographs and make them visually appealing. Remember that it’s the visual part that counts the most in art marketing.
  • Make sure to use attractive and concise texts following all your images. Include some details such as title, size, and a short description of your work. Let your art tell its own story to the potential consumer.
  • Include a sturdy bio in your portfolio since potential art buyers like to take interest in artists. Be free to share your art story, background, and inspirations.


Attend Art Competition

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How about engaging in an art competition to promote your art pieces? Competitions give new artists exposure in the art world. Many art competitions are known for uncovering and exhibiting noteworthy up-and-coming artists.

Sometimes, they even launch contemporary artists’ art careers. Let us delve more into the benefits of art competitions.

Competitions allow you to showcase your work among other peers. When you display your art among other artists’ unique pieces, it helps you get tips and motivation to create something better. You also get feedback, which enables you to grow.

Art competitions give your work vital visibility. It is not necessarily about winning the battle but the chance you get of taking your career to the world, which earns you dividends.

Competitions display your work in front of editors, curators, and gallerists who can positively impact your art career. Art competition winners gain from vast promotional efforts from the organization or anchor gallery. They give new artists the chance to gain treasurable experience and construct their resumes.

Hold a Giveaway

Who doesn’t like giveaways? If you have several customers who adore your work and would like to pull more traffic, it is wise to hold a giveaway. You can give your customers a chance to win some of your art pieces to motivate them.

Start by choosing the best price and then pick your best art piece to entice people to engage in the giveaway competition. Next, select the method which fans can use to enter the giveaway and the duration. You could choose a week to generate urgency. The technique can be as easy as having the fans to reply with their names and email addresses (email addresses can help build your mailing list to target with specific promos later on). 

The other way is by asking fans to vote on their reply on the best artwork, which will go to the winner as a print. After the votes, you can select the winning art, which you can use to promote your next social media post or newsletter. Once people start following your artwork page, they will identify the value of each piece.


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Image: Unsplash.com

Networking is an effective way of promoting artwork. One or two networking events can promote your artwork and open you up to new opportunities that you might not have known existed. There are various ways artists can promote their work via networking.

  •  Art organizations: Art is a business like any other business, and networking is vital for making your work known in art organizations. The best way to network professionally is by joining art organizations and participating actively.


  • Community events– Attend most community events, if not all, to build your existence in the area and make patrons aware of your art. Carry your business cards and flyers to the events to properly market yourself. While in the circumstances, communicate as much as possible to those who are interested in your art and respond to them professionally and warmly since they are potential customers.


  • Follow up– After you have sold your masterpieces or met some potential buyers, ensure that you follow up with newsletters and phone conversations to keep people updated. You cannot ignore the power of networking as it can introduce you to new supports, inspirations, and promotions.

Host your Art Shows

If you have already networked enough, attended art competitions, thrown several giveaways, and made an online portfolio, you are now ready to hold your art show to promote yourself. You can invite other professional artists also to display their work to generate more traffic. Having your art shows indicates that you are confident in your work and want people to know about it.

Bottom Line

There are various ways you can make your art marketing extraordinary to reach every potential consumer globally. You can hold your art shows, attend art competitions, network, and even have giveaways to promote your work.

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