How Artificial Intelligence Is Assisting E-commerce Marketers?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest topics of discussions today, and this smart technology has drastically transformed many businesses. The use of AI in e-commerce has made the use of online technology safer and more secure for users and has made work more efficient and effective for marketers.

Online marketers are now able to offer hi-tech services right from AI-enabled mobile and web applications that allow identifying data sets and patterns. AI provides personalized experiences for users including things like voice assistants, chatbots and other disruptive solutions.

Artificial intelligence adds yet another valuable tool for e-commerce businesses, adding to the already powerful list of technologies including shopping carts, drones and voice recognition. These tech trends are dominating the industry with competitors trying to offer the best solutions to their customers.

The role of AI in improving your e-commerce business

Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide forecasting and information to solve some of the unique challenges faced in e-commerce. Especially with the growth of e-commerce business, these algorithms and tools offer valuable insights for companies to boost their core processes and increase profitability.

Provide fast and efficient customer service

E-commerce marketing can help in engaging your online visitors to turn them into potential leads for your business. Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in boosting customer interaction by providing chatbots with capabilities to interact with humans and engage them effectively in the process of communication. At the same time, they provide customers with valuable and relevant information to meet their specific needs.

Technology like chatbots help in answering queries in real-time and provide 24/7 customer service. AI chatbots are useful in minimizing errors that may be otherwise committed by humans while reducing the workload at the same time.

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Helps create automatic product descriptions

Artificial intelligence can be used effectively for creating content required by online retailers for their stores. Most ecommerce platforms do not have accurate product descriptions, which can cause confusion (and potential legal issues) when customers visit the site.

Thus, artificial intelligence addresses this growing challenge by automating the process of writing product descriptions by copying information from the manufacturer’s website. Thanks to pre-trained AI models.

Possibilities of warehouse automation

Artificial intelligence is changing the traditional warehouse by replacing forklifts with robots which can work 24/7 and help reduce the chances of errors. These AI-powered robots are smart and efficient as they can minimize the workload and boost productivity.

They can enable customers to quickly make a purchase as soon as they place an order online from taking out the stocked items to preparing them for shipment and delivery. This can be valuable for e-commerce retailers as it reduces labor costs as well as helps in reducing losses due to damaged stock.

Provide recommendations to customers

AI offers unique possibilities of boosting your online sales prospects by collecting information about the purchase history of your customers. Also, it can examine customer data points and provide valuable insights to e-commerce marketers based on shopping trends and popular products in different categories.

It can provide recommendations to customers to guide them toward purchasing the products based on product prices and demand to arrive so they can arrive at a smart buying decision.

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Enhance and maintain cybersecurity for networks

There is always a constant security threat to e-commerce platforms, which makes it vital for e-commerce owners to be vigilant while sharing information across networks as they are more prone to hacking. By integrating AI and deep learning algorithms into security solutions, it’s possible to fortify the systems and protect them.

The primary defense is to use an encryption method to safeguard your ecommerce platform by installing SSL certificates. The certificate type you need depends upon the site’s requirement, which can help secure multiple domains and their subdomains if any. For example, if you have multiple subdomains then, you can go for a multi-domain wildcard SSL certificate that will secure all same level subdomains under a single certificate. It is a cost-effective option for those enterprises that wants a budget option with strong website security.

Save costs and boosts your ecommerce revenue

According to reports by Juniper, companies can save around $8 billion every year on customer service by integrating AI solutions into their e-commerce platforms. AI chatbots are efficient and can answer up to 80% of your customer queries in lesser time, which can bring down your labor costs.

At the same time, there is greater accuracy in information with authentic answers that can reduce the number of emails, incoming calls and messages, and queries from customers.

Thus, virtual assistants can perform a range of functions to save you time and reduce your operational costs.


AI is a revolutionary technology which can bring vast benefits to your e-commerce platform and help in boosting your profits and increase your earning potential by attracting the right customers. Besides, following the right e-commerce tips and marketing strategies can assist you in running your online business with greater success.

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