Author: Abby Drexler

Abby is the senior digital PR specialist at Higher Visibility, an award winning digital marketing agency that has proven to deliver customers through SEO, PPC, and Social Media services.
How to do email marketing right
Content Marketing
Email Marketing

7 Important Email Marketing Tips

There are many reasons why email marketing is such an attractive promotional tool. The low cost needed to make use of email-based content as well as the opportunity to build and improve customer relations can make quite a difference. A larger readership or emails that feature higher quality content or personalized messages are more likely […]

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how to validate marketing leads

6 Reasons Lead Validation is Essential for Your Business

Advances in automation coupled with the growing number of consumers who are choosing to conduct their business online means that sales leads have never been easier to generate. While businesses should have no trouble finding enough leads to keep their sales department busy, failing to validate the leads being used could lead to no end […]

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