Author: Jason O'Leary

Jason brings 15 years of deep technology, product development, and marketing experience to Surety Bonds Direct. He has been leveraging Agile practices for well over a decade and is versed in various Lean practices as well. Jason has worked on substantial and complex systems dealing with secure information ranging from payroll & employee systems, to e- commerce, to travel-reservation APIs. Prior to co-founding Surety Bonds Direct, Jason led a product innovation team for Equifax where he was recognized with several technology awards including The 2014 Brandon Hall Technology Excellence Award and The HR Tech 2013 Best Product award. Jason is the founder of Xavier Berkeley, a technology consulting practice that has worked on software development and advanced data analytics with various companies including UPS, Whole Foods, TripAlertz, and over 50 others.

8 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know Before Starting a Business

Entrepreneurship is, by definition, risky. Putting yourself and your resources out there and taking a chance on success can be nerve-wracking, but it’s also a tremendously exciting decision that can become a great part of your life. Whether you’re so excited you can’t sit down, scared out of your wits or a little bit of […]

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