Author: Paula Arce

Paula Arce is a Content Specialist at MicroCreatives. As she makes her way in the digital marketing world as a Content Specialist, Paula also makes sure that she’s updated with the latest memes and trends among other things. With her inner rapper, Paula pops those headphones on and listens to her R&B and Hip Hop playlist during her long rides to and from the South. She either gets herself a venti cup or two of her fave iced coffee or a cold bottle of beer on a random day. There’s nothing in between.
Content Marketing

[Infographic] How to Create Marketing Videos to Connect With Your Target Audience

Video is shifting and shaping today’s digital marketing world. Creating marketing videos is no longer just an option for businesses—it’s imperative. Consumer demand for videos is rapidly increasing, and 54% around the world claim that they want to see more videos from brands and businesses. For brands to reach their audience in a language they […]

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