Be Better App: Instant Feedback to Improve Your Business and Grow

If you want to succeed in business, you need to be open to feedback from the people you serve as well as your team members. By failing to listen to your customers and your team, you miss out on many opportunities to improve and grow. 

The problem is, it’s not easy to gain genuine feedback from your customers. For example, Google Reviews are essential to make your business grow, but you really can’t dig deeper than the stars and the one-line review. 

Your Google reviews don’t paint a full picture of what your customers think and what they want to see from your business. There aren’t a lot of products on the market that do.

Recently, I started using the Be Better App to send feedback requests to clients for Gaenzle Marketing and readers for to get insights from them about the quality of our services and content. 

We’ve seen a lot of growth in both those businesses, but there are also areas for both that require improvement, as with any business, and I wanted to gain in-depth insights from the people that matter most. The ones who use our services or consume our content. 

The following is my feedback about the feedback and value we received from using the Be Better App to help you make an informed decision about whether the app is a fit for your business or blog. 

What is the Be Better App?

The Be Better App is available in the Apple Store and on Google Play. The app provides an anonymous, unbiased platform for your customers, team members, or readers to leave feedback based on specific questions you pose or via private or group chats. 

For example, if you want to learn about the customer service experience specifically, you can send a feedback request to anyone who has used your chat app to request customer service or sent an email to your customer service team within a given period. They will receive the link, sign in, and leave their honest feedback (anonymously). 

This allows you to gain deep insight into specific areas to enable your business to uncover issues and make key decisions to improve significantly. 

What does the Be Better App cost?

There are several pricing plans available for the Be Better App. The great thing is, they are all very affordable. Before you commit to any of the pricing options, however, there is a 30-day free trial available. So, if you want to run a few tests before you commit, you have the luxury of doing so. 

There is a permanently free version for providing feedback. This is available for customers to log in so they can provide feedback and send private messages. 

For businesses and publication owners (aka bloggers), you can start with the $4.99 per month Be Relax package. You’ll be able to send four monthly feedback requests, and you get up to 50 responses. For many, this is a great, affordable option that gives plenty of insight to help you uncover key findings. 

If you need a little more, you can upgrade to the Be Better package for only $9.99 per month. You can access up to 50 ready-to-use feedback requests, so you don’t have to develop these yourself. You also receive unlimited feedback and can send up to 15 requests per month. 

For larger businesses, you can go all in with the Be On Top package for $15.99 per month. This package offers unlimited feedback requests, allows for group chat and private video chat, and allows you to download your feedback in multiple file formats. 

For the full list of what each package includes, here’s a screenshot of the brand’s pricing. Click the image to be redirected to the Be Better pricing page. 

What are the top features of the Be Better App?

To really understand whether any app or software platform is right for your business or blog, you need to consider each of the features and functions it offers. Below, we will take a look at four of the key features and functions of the Be Better App so you can make an educated decision for your own situation. Let’s dive in. 

Send Feedback Requests and Receive Feedback

This is the key feature of Be Better, sending and receiving feedback. You can ask your audience whatever kind of question you want to gain insight into areas key of your business and uncover ways to improve and grow. 

You can send feedback requests to Be Better app users as well as those not signed up for the app. For those on the app, you can create groups to ensure you’re targeting the right audience. And for those not on the app, you can create a link and send it out via email, social media, or whatever method works best for you. 

I recently sent a request for feedback about the content of The feedback was great, which was hugely helpful in validating that we’re producing content people want to read. But, there were also a few bits of feedback from some readers who had great suggestions that we plan to take and make updates. 

For example, the screenshot below shows feedback that more info, photos, and other content about me (Anthony Gaenzle, the namesake of the site) should be visible on the blog.

That makes total sense. I have a hard time bragging about myself, which is why there isn’t a ton about me, but it makes absolute sense to highlight myself more…I mean, just look at the site’s title. 

Private and Group Messages

The Be Better app makes it easy to communicate with other members. You can do this both in private chats and in group chats. To chat with someone, the person must be a Be Better member. 

This can help you have more in depth conversations with your Be Better friends, communicate with team members, and even host group chats that could serve as mini focus groups. 

Within messages, you can send videos, GIFs, and other content. You can also switch from text messaging to video chats. This is an excellent feature to help you forge connections with other Be Better members. 

This allows you to take the app beyond customer feedback to be able to work with your team and provide feedback to one another easily for projects and other aspects of the business. 

Performance Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard is another feature that stands out to me. If you really want to uncover opportunities and issues that need to be fixed, it’s important to be able to visualize the data from the feedback requests you send. 

When you click on the Performance button at the bottom of the app, you’ll see a general overview of the feedback you’ve received by month. To dig deeper, click on the detailed stats and you can dig into specific feedback, look at charts breaking down the stats, and more. 

You can also look for users who shared their feedback. This way you can look at all feedback stats that you have permission to check out. 

Quick Feedback Request Options 

One of the most convenient features is the quick feedback request option. The Be Better app is pre-loaded with feedback request options related to the overall business, the management team, personal feedback, and other options. 

This helps you quickly send commonly asked feedback requests without having to develop new content. These feedback request options have been tested and are some of the most frequently asked, so many of them will be relevant to your business and add value for you without you having to lift a finger. 

Final Recommendation on the Be Better App

Whether you’re looking for feedback to boost your business or blog or you’re working on a project and want to collaborate on feedback with your team, the Be Better app is a very useful tool. 

After using the app for a while now, I feel like it’s a great fit for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can benefit greatly by saving money on the customer feedback process and receiving high-quality, anonymous feedback to uncover insights to grow. 

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the customer feedback piece, and the project and group collaboration that’s available can help your teams work more efficiently together. 

The ability to chat with text or video is great, and you can upload all kinds of file types, increasing the value of the app. 

My final verdict. I highly recommend checking out the Be Better app if you’re serious about growing your business or blog.

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4 thoughts on “Be Better App: Instant Feedback to Improve Your Business and Grow”

  1. Anthony, I love the idea of getting feedback. Is it via AI that makes it happen? I like that you can start with a FREE trial and that the pricing is affordable for small businesses.
    Thanks for sharing about this one, I had not heard about it before.

    • Any time, Lisa! I received some very positive feedback about my site, but I also had a few pieces of feedback that made me think and caused me to make some changes. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the app!

  2. I like this idea because it makes business a team effort. Solo acts doing things only their way fizzle and disappear. Positive feedback helping all gives customers and entrepreneurs what they want. Win-win.

    • It’s great on the level of customer feedback, but I also love the ability to collaborate with your team. Apps like Slack are great, but they get a bit complicated and expensive. Be Better is a lot simpler, more straight forward, and you get the feedback quickly.


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