Benefits Of Using A Life Coach Mentor

Life coaching and mentoring are growing fields in the US today. The reason for this is there are many proven benefits of a life coach mentor.

First, a life coach and mentor can help you pinpoint your strengths, develop them, and figure out your professional and personal goals. Their job is to help you throughout your change process. Coaching helps people to build on positive emotions, such as love, awe, joy, gratitude, serenity, and others – and flourish.

Most people do not enjoy being told what to do or when they should do it. Life coaches and mentors who understand this will create relationships with their clients so the latter can act on their own.

There are five major benefits associated with life coaching and mentoring:

  • Positive behavior changes that last a long time
  • Enhanced flexibility and creativity
  • Better performance
  • Obtaining enjoyment from making positive changes
  • Personal relationships and health get better.

Some coaches are more focused on being mentors.

Mentoring is more of a professional development relationship with two major functions. The first puts the mentor in the position of being a coach and giving advice. The second is the mentor is in a role model position and also a support system position.

People who are effectively mentored show more commitment and satisfaction with their work and have superior performance evaluations.

Coach mentors are effective in helping people reach their potential in engagement, motivation, persistence and creativity. The job of the coach mentor is to make sure the environment is meeting three major psychological needs of the client: competence, autonomy and relatedness.

Coaching and mentoring also has many business benefits. Companies that use their services find that it has a positive effect on their bottom line. When workers receive coaching and mentoring, they are more likely to stay with that company and be more productive. This means there is less turnover, which costs businesses money. In fact, US companies will pay $680 billion in turnover costs in 2020.

Employees leave companies for many reasons, the top being career development, manager behavior, and work-life balance. With a good coach mentor system, workers are happier and more productive because they are getting where they want to go in their careers.

If you have thought about working with a life coach mentor, you can enjoy many personal and professional benefits. If your employer offers the use of a life coach mentor, you should take them up on it.

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2 thoughts on “Benefits Of Using A Life Coach Mentor”

  1. Hi Christina,

    Agreed fully on these reasons. My wife has been a life coach for a while. She helps her clients find that deeper commitment you speak of, because when we are lead, helped and inspired, we tend to be all in on any venture. Humbling yourself is a key coaching factor too; admitting you need help is one key step to improving your life.



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