12 Tips to Create the Best Law Firm Landing Pages

In an era where every law firm has a ton of options for how to market the firm, forming a sustainable law firm marketing strategy is no easy feat.

We know that your law firm website is your most important marketing tool. That’s why it’s so important to strategically consider why every page of your website could be a portal to new business opportunities.

Many times, all of the design and copywriting efforts are put into the home page with a desire to make a big splash when a new visitor arrives on the website. But the real content of a website – that which persuades clients to hire you or your firm – is featured on the interior landing pages.

Often, these interior landing pages do not have the same level of design or layout as the home page. We’re here to tell you that your interior landing page content is just as important as, and in some cases more important than, your homepage.

We hope these practical tips help you pay the same attention to your interior landing pages as you do to the snazzy home page.

Tips to Create the Best Law Firm Landing Pages:

#1 – The Client is the King and your law firm…their counselor

For every client, their decision to hire your firm likely started out by them visiting your website. Remember – today, your website is your first impression, so it needs to make an impact immediately! Many visits to your site won’t begin on your home page, so make sure you address each client’s (perspective clients included) needs on all your individual pages on the site.

#2 – Go for a simple yet intuitive design

The cases and matters your law firm deals with are likely complicated, but its practice area landing pages need not be so! And for that, if you don’t have an in-house design team already, you ought to opt for a reputed marketing agency.

An easy to navigate site with a smooth user experience helps your site visitors find the content they need easily, and if you make things easy for them, it’s far more likely they’ll want to work with you in the future.

Below is an example of a website for a law firm that’s simple and easy for visitors to navigate. Users can easily find the info they need, and the site has clear calls-to-action that lead to contact form submissions, and ultimately new work.

smooth law firm website design
Image: Example of a simple smooth law firm website design – Designed by Granite Creative Group – Source

#3 – Market your message consistently

Prospective clients mostly get to your firm’s website through Google searches, unless you’ve got a robust social media setup or you are into the advertising game.

So, for those who do visit from search, or even if they visit after clicking on a post or an ad, you want to be sure that when they land on the page on your site, the info provided on that page corresponds with the search intent or the message in the post/ad. If it doesn’t, potential clients will navigate away quickly.

Make sure that the content on your site gels with the messages you have elsewhere online. That way, once people land on your site, it becomes a trusted resource, providing visitors with the type of content and answers they were actually seeking.

#4 – Get your copy just right

Copy that respects your clients’ needs, is easy-to-follow, says everything important through fewer words, and yet keeps the visitors on their toes to learn more about your services. Doing so always yields best results.

Although nowadays “copywriters” are everywhere, finding a genuine marketer who is actually good with copywriting, is tougher than ever. Copywriting is demanding. So, make sure to invest time into researching your prospective marketers before hiring.

Your best bet, since law firm content is a different breed, is to target a copywriter who brings significant experience to the table in the area of law firm copywriting. Ask any copywriter you are looking to hire if they have written for a law firm website before.

If they say ‘no’, you need to walk away. If they say ‘yes’, make sure you ask for samples of the content they’ve created for law firm websites in the past so you can review it and confirm that they indeed understand the space and the specific needs of your audience.

#5 – Demonstrate the benefits

Though a typical law firm has numerous benefits and features to attract prospective clients, make sure to be completely genuine with all the data, numbers, and social proof that you put out on your landing pages.

Don’t embellished the number of cases you’ve won, the $ amounts awarded to your clients, or whatever the case may be. By doing so, you can put your own firm at legal risk, and if clients find out, the word can get around that you’re a dishonest firm.

It’s important, however, to make sure you get across the value of your attorneys and their experience from a genuine, accurate perspective. To show your prospective clients the value you bring to their matter, add info such as the following:

  • Years of experience
  • Education
  • Practice area expertise
  • Relevant cases
  • Publications written by your attorneys
  • Anything unique about your firm

By adding these things on your site, you go beyond saying things like “we are the top business and corporate firm in Texas.” You show that you know your stuff, and you give examples of how you’ve helped others so prospective clients can envision themselves working with you.

#6 – Let your visitors know their information is in safe hands

Thanks to an unbelievable number of businesses ready to spam their customers with tons of emails, people are, nowadays, more hesitant than ever to fill in their contact details. In addition to spam, consider all of the big name brands that have been the target of cyber attacks. The last thing you want is to be the victim of a data breach and have a run a PR campaign to control the damage.

Be sure to put your clients’ and prospects’ minds at ease by telling them how you are securing their data and letting them know that you will never sell their information or provide it to anyone.

Below is a section from a firm’s privacy policy page showing how they let the firm’s site visitors know how their info will be used. Here’s the full privacy policy if you want to read it as an example of how your firm could approach this.

secure data statement
Image: Example of a secure data statement on a firm’s website

Being transparent about how you’re using your site visitors’ data is so important. I can’t overstate that. Make sure you are using it in an appropriate way, and do all that you can to secure that data as well.

#7 – Address the pain points

Let’s be straight here, a person usually visits the website of a law firm when they wish to do away with a cause of distress. And for you to strike a deal here, make sure (through your content) to let them know you can relate to their problem and also ensure them that you have helped other clients who were in the same boat successfully deal with the same pain points.

If you show site visitors that you truly understand what you are going through and let them know that you can help them, they’ll be much more likely to want to work with you.

#8 – Highlight the social proof

Social proof is when we see others doing something or liking something and it makes us want to do it as well. Rather than just leaving your prospective clients’ opinions of you up to the content you publish, highlight what your clients have to say as well.

Putting forth your previous clients’ testimonials to gain the confidence of your new ones is hugely effective. Here’s an example of a personal injury firm in Orlando, Florida publishing all of the firm’s 5-star reviews on their website.

examples of law firm 5-star reviews
Image: Social proof for law firms – Source

One important note here – make sure you get your clients’ permission before you publish anything like this online. And make sure that it’s legal for you to publish this type of content on your website. Laws in different states prohibit law firms from marketing and advertising in certain ways, so do your research before you take on an effort such as the example shown above.

#9 – Personal touch

Most firms get it wrong by not displaying the much-needed human touch through their landing pages. Let’s not follow that trend any longer.

Make sure to include pictures of your team to make your prospective clients believe they won’t be advised by a group of robots stationed behind the scenes. And consider taking another step to use videos of your team so you can show what they are like in person.

Going beyond the credentials can make a prospective client feel more comfortable working with your team. Here’s a video from full-service law firm, Saxton & Stump, highlighting one of the firm’s high-profile shareholders.

You can see the personal tone of the message mixed in with the highlights of experience and other factors that would make someone want to hire the firm.

Whatever visuals you can add, and whatever transparency you can provide into the value clients get beyond the credentials, can have a hugely positive impact on your firm’s growth.

#10 – Visual media

One of the most important elements of a website that drives business is to include appealing, top-notch media content.

However, keep in mind to not overdo flashy signs and images, for your priority is to engage the prospective clients with your helpful written content, and for that, their attention should stay uncut.

Any imagery you add should be clean and not distracting. The way you present your firm online can lend of ton of credibility.

For example, look at this disaster of a site below. If I need an attorney in any of the areas this guy represents, I would certainly NOT be using his services.

Maybe he’s a great attorney, but to me the site says he’s not. Names and faces have been removed to protect the innocent (or maybe guilty, if you want to say he’s guilty of bad website design).

Bad law firm website example
Image: Bad law firm website example

And yes, this is a real website that actually appears online. Don’t do this to your site visitors. Show some respect and set up a site that’s high-quality and paints you and your firm in a positive light.

#11 – Cross-device optimization

Don’t expect your visitors to only be classic desktop users – for the times they are a changing. You need to be sure that no matter how your site visitors are viewing your site, their experience is a great one.

Suggested Reading: 5 Local and Mobile Stats to Inform Your Marketing Strategy

Whether your prospective clients visit using a mobile device, tablet, laptop or other method, you should ensure that they land on a site that is optimized. Design your site in a responsive manner so your pages shift format to be easily useable on any device.

Here’s a good example of the difference your clients might see if your site is responsive vs. if it is not responsive. You can see the the version on the right (the non-responsive version) is difficult to read and the user experience is a poor one.

Example of a responsive site vs. non-responsive
Image: Example of a responsive site vs. non-responsive – Source

#12 – Test, tweak, repeat

When it comes to arriving the perfect potion of success, trial and error is still the front-runner.

With everything we’ve mentioned above put together, your landing pages should be all set to take off! But constant testing, tweaking, and repeating in a, let’s say, bi-weekly manner might just help you formulate your very own Holy Grail.

You should never become complacent with the design and performance of your website. Constantly be measuring your site’s performance. And always be looking for ways to improve your search presence, the user experience, the visual and written content, and all aspects of the site to ensure you’re set up to drive business via your website.

Parting Thoughts

So, if you wish to make your law firm’s landing pages stand out, try incorporating all of the essential elements that we’ve mentioned above.

And if you do so, then we guarantee you positive results in short order.

With our 12 tips to create the best law firm landing pages, let’s make yours catch the eyes of prospective clients in a manner that that grabs their attention and convinces them that you’re the right firm for their needs.

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