Black Friday Email Campaign Tips for 2022

The black Friday shopping sales have started. All businesses are pushing to promote their stuff with significant discounts on every platform. Like Banners, social media promotion, advertisement, demos, reviews by influencers are many more ways to sell much more than last year. In this period the sales graph reaches the top bar if we properly advertise our products. Email campaigns will never be replaced in marketing terms. The email campaign depends on the number, like you send mail to 100 different people, half of them open and a quarter part of the open mail link.

Here are some email campaign tips which help you increase sales on this Black Friday season.

·      Creating a list of customers:

Many customers have purchased several things from your store before; list them according to categories, like what customers are purchasing and when customers are purchasing. Look at the email list and start sending them mail before the campaign begins, which is typical for all customers and with daily headlines. 

·      Email subject lines:

It’s the holiday season, and everyone is trying to get maximum sales during this period. There are chances that your customers are also getting mail from other competitors. So make subject headlines more unique and mention your store name. It will grab the attention of your customers. Your brand’s name in subject headings attracts your loyal customers who are happy with your previous service.

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·      Tools for insight:

Use tools that can give you detailed and specific insight and data for emails. Like who opened mail, who clicked in links from email, and or visited websites. From previous insights and data, you can analyze what changes are required in the main body of the email. This thing should have all previous data and insight, from which you can get optimum results. You can even check the reports like how many customers have opened your mail or clicked on the given link and you can pick the most interested customers. There are stunning tools and software available on the internet for email marketing. Also, they are your most targeted audience and have a high probability of buying stuff from you. So, treat them special and send more eye-catching emails.

·      Scarcity and urgency:

After analyzing what your customers need in the main body of the email, make them feel like they will miss the deal. Mention discounted product limited for particular timelines created urgency and limited stock available, creating scarcity for customers.

·      Send express mail to your loyal customer:

This mail is specific to customers who purchase from your shop now and then. Give them special rewards, bonus coupons, and special offers. This mail focuses on the quality of mail rather than quantity. Also, this will get you maximum results from all other mail.

·      Back-links in the email:

As we mentioned in the first step, categorize your customers into different categories, like if they saved some products, mail them that product with a discount price link and, in the end, your website link for other products.

·      Timing of Mail

Don’t send emails a day before sales. First, send mail to all customers in a month or 20 days. After checking insights, mail creates different strategies for mail campaigns, which have fewer discounts on products, then after a week before that have more discounts and low stocks. Increase the discount price and reduce stock to sale day.

·      The automated mail system:

This automated mail will send occasional emails to your customers, which have mentioned several offers of a year and different blogs about your shop. This system helps you grow customer relationships, like happy shopping from our stores, you are our customer, the store’s anniversary, etc. Don’t set this mail in a short span. Otherwise, the user will unsubscribe from your service.

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Create an email template and send them to all subscribers. In an email, a campaign matters quantity matters more than quality. The subject headline should be on point, like a YouTube thumbnail. You can add the logo of your company as a mail photograph. The loyal customer and new customer can know from which store it is. Use an automated system to build relationships with customers. So, these are a few tips for 2022 regarding the email campaign, use it, and you will see a boost in your Black Friday sale.

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