Blogging Tips: Creativity for Blogging Success

Blogging Tips

Maintaining a high quality blog is hard work. If you don’t believe me, you’re doing it wrong.

Coming up with relevant topics that add actual value for your readers and then developing them into coherent, engaging content at the right frequency is both a science and an art.

Even the most accomplished bloggers struggle significantly with this at times as they attempt to build influence and readership. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve dealt with my share of struggles. The good news, however, is that there are tactics that can help you become a successful blogger, even in the face of adversity.


As is the case with any content (and business) effort, success is contingent upon having a solid plan in place. Without a plan or strategy, even the best and brightest are doomed for failure. Pay attention to the following when developing your plan.

  • Research your audience and understand their needs.
  • Research keywords and utilize that knowledge in creation of your posts.
  • Create a solid voice and tone and stay consistent.
  • Have a calendar in place to ensure that you populate your blog with content at a consistent frequency.
  • Develop a strategy to promote your posts to ensure that they reach as large an audience as possible.

This is the science part of blogging. No matter what level of expertise you have to offer on a subject, if no one reads it, it’s useless. Have a plan in place to ensure that you’re blogging for more than the sake of simply practicing your writing.


Life tends to throw unexpected curve balls at us from time to time. You may be rolling along, creating a consistent number of posts on a weekly basis and your readership is growing smoothly. What happens, however, when life gets in the way?

It’s critical to your success as a blogger that you’re able to adjust your approach on the fly. Be prepared to lose sleep because a life change forces you to stay up late nights creating articles. Be ready to get creative to populate your blog when you get too busy. Life is unpredictable, so you need to be ready to adjust when the need arises.

A Little Help From a Friend

Creating high quality content to populate a blog takes a significant amount of time. Being able to reach out to a friend when you just can’t find the time is really helpful. This is where guest contributors come into play.

Develop a list of go to writers who possess a solid grasp of a similar area of expertise who can contribute guest posts when you simply can’t find the time to create an article yourself. Develop an understanding that you’ll return the favor when the situation is reversed. Having a list of guest bloggers to turn to in times of need can really help keep your blog rolling along, even when you can’t write something yourself.

By applying a bit of creativity, you’ll position yourself to be more likely to succeed as a blogger. While it won’t be easy, keeping these tips in mind will give you a much better shot of creating a blog that actually connects with your intended audience.

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