Blogging vs. Vlogging: Which is Better for Making Money Fast?

On average, business owners spend around 11% of their annual revenue on marketing. One of the main goals you should have when developing a marketing plan is getting a good return on your investment. Deciding whether you want to start a blog or vlog is not as easy as it sounds. While you can have both of these marketing tools in place, you will need to devote time to the one that will produce a better return.

Wasting money on marketing methods that simply don’t produce leads is a huge mistake. Are you wondering whether you need a blog or vlog to make money fast? If so, check out the helpful information below.

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Blog or Vlog: The Money-Making Potential

One of the main misconceptions most newcomers to the world of online marketing have is that the written blog is a dead art form. This simply is not true. In reality, millions of people read written blogs on a daily basis. The main thing you need to do to make a blog profitable is to monetize it. Learning how to do this will be much easier when getting professional advice. Today With Jay offers a lot of great resources to help you figure out how to monetize a new blog quickly and effectively.

A vlog can also help you make money, but it will take more time. Building a YouTube channel can be a very time-consuming and grueling process. This platform is filled with vloggers who are vying for the same traffic. This means that you will have to put out consistent content that is both engaging and informative, all while creating something that differentiates you and makes you stand out. Instead of putting all of your eggs in the vlog basket, you need to consider the benefits of blogging.

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Creating a Successful Blog

Are you ready to start generating revenue with your blog? If so, you need to be prepared to work hard. Making a new blog successful is only possible when following a few basic rules.

Focus on Covering Industry-Specific Topics

Some new bloggers think that covering every topic under the sun is the best way to increase their traffic. In reality, failing to establish an identity for your new blog can be problematic. If your blog has been designed to sell a product or service, then you need to focus on keeping the content related to the relevant industry or field. By doing this, you can start to position yourself as a leader in your chosen industry.

Promoting Your Blog Content is Crucial

Once you write and publish a few blogs, you have to get the word out about this content. Doing this will require the use of social media. Posting links to your blog from your social media pages is a great way to drive more traffic to your website. Failing to adequately promote your content will lead to lackluster engagement and low profit margins.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Starting a blog and making it successful will require some hard work. With great content and some marketing savvy, you can drive traffic to your new blog with ease.

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Ashley Lipman

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    • Both offer excellent opportunities to generate revenue. Ashley provides a solid overview of where to focus, what to think about when choosing your option and what’s the right fit for you. Thanks for the comment!


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