Build a Baby Clothes Brand Online

How to Start and Grow it In Simple Steps

A baby clothes brand business is considered lucrative, as babies are born every day, and there is a need for such clothing and other essentials.

Most people who focus on starting an online baby clothing business do so because it doesn’t require large upfront costs. The problem is, this low cost of entry is exactly why many online businesses find themselves in a highly competitive market.

To stand out from the myriad of other baby clothing businesses, there are a few tips and tricks you should employ. We’ve prepared this guide to help you do just that. Keep reading to learn more.

A short intro to starting and growing a baby clothes brand

First, you must make a proper plan to create the direction needed to start and grow your baby clothes brand. You will do that by following a few essential steps.

These start with thorough research, picking your niche, and building your brand. You must also plan your budget and find a reliable supplier or manufacturer.

Building a user-friendly website and advertising are two key aspects of starting a successful baby clothes brand.

When you have established your brand, it’s time to move to the other aspects of growing it. There are multiple ways you can grow your brand.

You can start with different types of bundle offers. You can also use order bumps to boost sales and find large marketplaces online to sell your items.

Moreover, you should always be up to date with current trends in the baby clothing industry and even consider target-based discounts.

How to start a baby clothes brand

Do your research

We need to conduct proper research for any business we decide to start. It is of special importance when it comes to busy markets, such as with baby clothes.

A busy market is great, considering its potential, but it’s also challenging, considering the competitiveness.

You should use the internet to find out more about your competitors, who they are, what they sell exactly, and what is their main focus and target audience, among other things. All of the information you gather will help you direct your own business.

Pick your niche for your baby clothes brand

Within every business, there are almost always a few niches available. The initial idea of a baby clothes business needs to be deepened and narrowed down.

A key thing to remember is that there should be a market need for your niche. Even if you have great, quality things to offer but no one to buy them, you won’t make any profit, and most likely, you won’t last.

Remember that expenses are always there, regardless of how much profit you make.

Start building your baby clothes brand

During the initial phase of building your brand, you should focus on connecting with customers who care about your products.

Create your brand story carefully and make sure it impacts people. Try to be different from the others in the same field.

Everything from what you do and sell to how you present and market should reflect the values your brand is promoting.  

Plan your budget

When it comes to finances, they should be carefully planned. The plans and budgets you make in the beginning will change in time with the changes happening to your business.

Having a budget plan where you will plan and account for your expenses can help you get a clearer idea of finances.

You should ensure that you have enough money to cover all business-related financial matters and live normally until your business starts.

The beginning is the most difficult, but we must be smart, patient, and persistent.

Find a supplier or a manufacturer for your baby clothes brand

The next step refers to finding a reliable supplier or manufacturer. As babies are quite sensitive and still don’t have a fully developed and strong immune system, we should be very considerate about the materials used in the manufacturing process.

Also, we need to be mindful of how the clothes are produced and the dyes and other chemical processes employed.

For instance, if you’re planning to sell cute baby knitwear, make sure that the materials used are organic and that no harmful dyes or chemical processes have been used in manufacturing. 

Try some samples

When you start your supplier and manufacturer research, make sure that you ask for samples before you decide who will be your main supplier.

This is essential as you don’t want to make a large order and realize that’s not what you wanted when it arrives.

Luckily for us, today, we have the internet, and we can do our research online easily. You can read reviews and visit forums.

Build a website for your baby clothes brand

There isn’t a successful business nowadays that doesn’t have a website. Building a great, comprehensive website is a crucial step in building your online presence.

It is a must-have in the modern era we live in. Your website should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and highly responsive.

You should list your products with high-quality images and genuine product descriptions. 

Create an advertising plan

The final step in starting your baby clothing brand is creating a plausible advertising plan. This step is better left to pros, who know what strategies to employ to get more organic traffic and boost sales.

How to grow a baby clothes brand

Create special bundle offers

After setting your business up, it’s time to focus on strategies that will help your business grow.

One of the first and most efficient things you can do is create special bundle offers. This works for any business, regardless of niche.

However, what influences your success is creating bundles in the right way. If you employ the right baby clothes bundle strategies, they will surely boost your sales.

There are three essential things to keep in mind.

  • You need to make sure that all the items in the bundle are relevant
  • The bundle price should be attractive, saving some money for the customer
  • You should know which bundle theme to make running and when.

You can create bundles with specific benefits, special occasion bundles, and multipacks.

Bundles with specific benefits

Taking care of a newborn does require a few essential things. There are different preferences when it comes to essential baby clothes.

You can come up with a bundle that offers special benefits. For example, you can compile a bundle that is “easy to put on.”

You can put various items in the bundle, and they don’t necessarily have to be only onesies or sleeveless bodysuits.

The idea behind bundles crafted that way is to solve a parent’s pain point. This is an ideal way to promote buying baby clothes in bundles that are functional, comfortable, and cute simultaneously.

Special occasion bundles

Another way to boost sales with bundles is creating special occasion bundles. That means creating bundles with Christmas or Easter themes in mind.

Also, you can use seasons to create practical summer or winter bundles. These bundles don’t necessarily have to consist only of clothes, and you can put in some related items as well.

For instance, if you’re creating a summer bundle, you can put in a swimming suit, goggles, and a breathing tube. This kind of bundle, offered at a good price, will sell well before and during summer.


Multipacks are a great bundle option that many parents resort to. Baby clothes are delicate, and babies do tend to soil their clothes pretty quickly – that’s why many parents decide to buy a few items of the same baby clothing item.

You can offer a discount for parents who buy 3 or 5 onesies, footsies, or whatever popular baby clothing item.

However, as many competitors offer such discounts, try to come up with a way to be different. You can do that by discounting five onesies of different sizes, for example.

Use order bumps

Order bumps are another plausible way to boost sales. Buying clothes for your baby is emotional and sentimental.

Hence, parents sometimes tend to buy even the products they don’t need. They often buy items that are just adorable.

To take advantage of this, you can use order bumps on the checkout page.

This is how it works: you have a parent who buys a few blue bodysuits for their baby boy. On the checkout page, you can present cute shorts, a shirt, or a set they might like.

If they have the money and imagine their baby wearing those clothes and looking cute, they will probably buy them.

Find large online marketplaces to sell

Even with all the previously mentioned strategies employed, it still might not be sufficient. To use the full potential of your baby clothes website, you should also consider finding large online marketplaces where you can sell your products.

Parents most often start from Google or Facebook when in search of baby clothes. Hence, it would be a good idea to use Facebook Marketplace or Google Shopping.

Follow the trends in the baby clothes industry

To boost your sales as much as possible, you should offer your customers relevant products. And as many parents nowadays care for baby fashion, it would be great if you followed the trends in the baby clothes industry.

Baby fashion often refers to outfits for special occasions. You can look up these trends online and see what’s happening and what people want from a baby fashion brand.

Consider target-based discounts

Discounts are only effective if offered at a right time. Setting up a target-based discount implies setting a discount for a specific group of products. For example, a certain discount if you spend 500$. Or in a similar way.

Final thoughts on starting and growing a baby fashion brand

Starting and growing a baby clothes brand can seem overwhelming and challenging at times.

However, with strong motivation, will, patience and persistence, you can succeed.

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