Building Bridges with Followers: How to Establish Brand Loyalty

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Businesses would not survive without an innovative plan, but more importantly, they would not thrive without their loyal customers. Brand loyalty is the ultimate goal, establishing a valued relationship with your customers who will offer substantial support for your business. It’s quite different from customer loyalty. Brand loyalty is the kind of dedication your customer has to your brand, despite the changes in price or style.

It is the kind of loyalty where your customers feel personally connected to your brand and not just your product. Brand loyalty lasts longer. You can gain lifelong customers who will continue to support you with consistent and even bulky purchases in the future. Your loyal clientele can even echo it to other buyers, thus, expanding your reach. The catch here is, how will you turn the new ones into loyal customers? In addition, how will you make the old ones stay?

Building loyalty is one thing, but keeping them is not a simple walk in the park. Competition is challenging, whether you are a pioneer in this industry or a busy start-up, as consumers continue to search for the brand they will trust. You must work hard and be keen enough to know what clicks best with your target customers to turn a one-time buyer into a repeat client, keep past customers coming back to you, or make them stay for the long term. Here are some tips to help you build brand loyalty from your clientele:

1. Build your brand personality

As competition rises, it will be harder to make your name in the marketing industry. For instance, you are still a start-up, think of the best way to present your brand to the public. If you are an established one, contemplate if your brand is enough to make your customers stay. Your brand identity should define your business’ value and appeal to your audience. For easier marketing, develop a relatable story that will attract all senses of your customers. Your logo, theme, statements, and how you approach the people should reflect your brand personality. How do you want your brand to be seen? What should your customers associate with you?

Aside from thinking deep within what your brand must be, you have to consider the audience’s perspective. As the primary receiver of the product, do you think your current strategy will reel them into your brand? Do you think your idea of your brand aligns with what the majority of your customers want? Remember, uniqueness may not always be good, especially if it fails to attract the primary receivers of your product.

2. Enhance your presence online

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Brand recognition is the first step in building brand loyalty. Thus, if you are just beginning, you need to let your customers be exposed to your brand every day to help them remember it. One way to widen your reach is through digital marketing. By taking advantage of online resources, you can better engage with your target audience with just a few clicks. One strategy is to pull your target market by developing better quality content for business growth.

You can also try finding social media influencers who can give reviews of your products. By using their established popularity on social media to market your brand, you can gain better social interactions and improve your visibility to potential consumers. Choose a platform that you think is better for promoting your business. Aside from Facebook and Instagram, which are commonplace for business promotion, you can try out TikTok and have the social influencers put your brand on the TikTok trending list.

Besides digital marketing, you can also participate in collaborations with brands that can help strengthen your brand’s identity. Look at how collaborations change the landscape in the fashion industry. Brands were able to merge resources while the attention to promotions increased due to a wider audience reach.

3. Offer great customer service

Providing an outstanding customer experience is vital in building brand loyalty. The kind of services you provide to your consumers will significantly affect how they see your brand. As per the Consumers Reports surveys, almost 91% of customers will refuse to patronize a brand if they were unsatisfied from the first encounter. Ensure that your customer’s total experience is something that would stand out and create lasting appreciation for them.

Consumers see social media as a viable and faster way to reach you. Be it queries, feedback, or concerns about a product, you have to respond as immediately as possible and reassure them that you will do whatever to resolve their issues.

More than having convenient products and innovative marketing strategies, you have to get personal with your customers. Personalizing interactions will make your consumers feel seen and valued by your company. Moreover, this creates a bond that is paramount to brand loyalty. When sending emails or messages, start with their name and write in a friendly tone. Take note of their important events and stay connected. Even in virtual interactions, you can make the bond feel real if you address them by their names. You can also send friendly follow-ups instead of diving into the technicalities.

4. Have a reward system

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Another way of creating a personalized customer experience is through providing offers fit for individual customers. It can be through a personalized reward system to celebrate their loyalty to your brand. According to the 2016 Bond Loyalty Report, 73% of consumers are more likely to be satisfied and recommend brands with good loyalty programs. Reward systems can be through giving free products or providing discounts on their birthdays or when they reach a particular milestone with your business. It will provide them with something to look forward to once a year. Henceforth, persuading them to stay with your brand for another year or more. 

You can also have loyalty cards that offer sweet deals, regular discounts, or exclusive access to incentives. This doesn’t have to be as grand as the $100 Amazon Prime for free access to other exclusive features and benefits; it can be as simple as allowing them to earn points after a certain number of purchases. They can redeem the points and exchange them for a product of their choice for free. Undeniably, these simple things will likely hook your customers to your brand until they get what they want. Anything free for the customers is an excellent strategy in itself.

5. Listen to feedback

Positive feedback, flat-out criticisms or whatever the case may be on social media or review pages, you have to listen to your customers’ grievances. Take initiative to investigate what went wrong. Furthermore, be proactive and not reactive when engaging with their concerns and addressing the issues that may affect your image and services. Not all concerns are directly addressed to your page; most of them can be found on social media like YouTube or TikTok or online reviews. Don’t forget to implement social monitoring to know the latest collective feedback from your consumers. From there, act according to what the consumers want. Remember, brand loyalty is not a one-time thing. You must work hard for your customer’s approval to earn their trust and loyalty. That includes fast and decisive actions to concerns.

6. Focus on your employees

Your business will not run without your employees. To ensure that you can provide the best strategies and customer experience, you must give your employees the best work atmosphere. More than listening to your customers, you also have to regularly check up on your workers and listen to what they want and need. Consequently, you must also be mindful of their concerns and address them with empathy. They are your people; cogs in the wheel. Your company will not run smoothly if even one cog is damaged.

No matter how good your marketing strategy is or how appealing your products are, it won’t cut it if your employees do not live up to what the customers want. Employees must also be engaged in their work as they directly interact with the customers. How they engage with the client and provide the services affect loyalty and contribute to a better brand experience.

Build great connections for your business

Happy customers, happy business. To connect with your customers and establish brand loyalty, you must create a personality that is aligned with what your customers want. Build a good online presence through digital marketing to maintain connections and reach out to prospects. Listen to what they want and adjust according to what buzzes them at present. All these, topped with excellent customer service and personalizing your interactions, will help you gain a lasting positive impression. Live up to their expectations without sacrificing the value of your business. With that, you will get brand loyalists in no time.

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