4 Trending CFO Models to Drive Change & Innovation

In the ERA of economic uncertainties and rising risks of business continuity for SME’s & startups, the role of CFO is more crucial to lead the business as a strategic partner in minimizing the risks and shaping the organizational goals in the right direction.

To stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing economic landscape, CFO’s needs to be empowered with fintech capabilities to handle the pressure from 360 degrees. So then, the CFO will not only minimize risks & improve operations, but will also support other parts of the organization to ensure it performs better & exceeds CEO’s and board members’ expectations by instilling a stringent financial approach & strategy.

There are 4 trending models of CFOs that will enable the organization to stay agile, innovate and sustain in even the most challenging situations.

  • Responder
  • Challenger
  • Architect
  • Transformer

The right approach must be chosen to strategically partner with CFOs to build the finance capabilities necessary for your organization’s success.

A strategic CFO will not only work to protect the vital assets but will also work to ensure compliance and regulation standards in managing accounts and closing books appropriately.

Your CFO will drive timely financial operations and deliver insights to distinguish value and risks associated with the business operations. CFOs aim to scale up investments from investors and influence board’s decisions at critical times.

The strategic CFOs will enable the business to align with financial strategy to protect capital, preserve liquidity and stay in control over the long-term investments of the company.

Drive the change and innovation you wish along with business improvements initiatives by choosing the right fit CFO for your organization.

Make sure the 4 trending strategic CFO models above and below in the infographic are on your radar before choosing your organization’s next CFO.

Enhance your business operations, financial capabilities and protect capital market investments by empowering your CFO with a strong finance & accounting outsourcing partner. Our subject matter experts at Park Intelli Solutions provided insights into this article to help you make the right design for your CFO. choice.

To help you with your choice, we’ve created the following infographic below.

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