Which Hosting Plan is Best for Your Business?

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The moment we start to develop a web project, we do it with the mission that it grows and becomes something more significant. Choosing a good professional web hosting from the beginning is essential to develop and obtain good results.

On many occasions, we opt for inexpensive web hosting. We let ourselves be carried away by offers that we find on the Internet without taking into account many aspects that will later bring us problems. There are excellent, low cost web hosting options, but be sure to do you research if you take that route.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to choose a good hosting service for your website. 

What is web hosting?

A web hosting is a space on a server connected to the internet where a web page is hosted so that it is public and accessible to everyone.

Although there are multiple types of web hosting, we are going to talk about four main types:

  • Free web hosting
  • Shared web hosting
  • Private web hosting
  • Dedicated web server

We will explain the keys to correctly choose the web hosting that suits the needs of our business: 

Free web hosting

There are several types of free web hosting available through various channels, as a hook to start developing an online business. If our objective is to go far with a minimum of professionalism, we have to recommend a higher-cost web hosting for the innumerable number of advantages.

We do not recommend trusting your web project with a free hosting service since it will be very limited in terms of functionality and may not offer all the services needed.

Shared web hosting

This type of accommodation allows us to have a paid server, but quite cheap, shared with other users. It is recommended for blogs and small businesses that do not have large traffic. One great option here is BlueHost. A lot of small businesses and blogs use this option.

However, as a negative point, we can say that we can be penalized for the actions of other websites that are not ours, but with which we are sharing the server.

Private Web Hosting (VPS)

You may have heard of this option referred to as VPS (Virtual Private Server). It is an accommodation for our business that offers us the power, processor, memory, and resources of a computer specifically or exclusively for our project. This is a highly recommended option

Dedicated Web Server

A dedicated web server is a web hosting service in which you will have an exclusive physical server for your website.

It is usually used for very large websites with very high traffic, in the range of hundreds of thousands of page views per month.

This type of server is more expensive than the previous ones and also requires that you have advanced knowledge of server administration to properly manage it.

Keys to choosing quality web hosting

Once you know the options that you have available, you should choose the one that suits the needs of your business. For this, we are going to give you several keys that you must take into account so as not to fail when choosing a web hosting service that meets the needs of your online business:

Technical team

It is essential that the server you choose has a good technical team that it is fast, and that it is effective and responsive. This is essential to quickly solve any problem that arises. The technical team’s attention channels can be diverse: telephone, email, support tickets, social networks, or even online chat in some cases. Depending on your preferences, it is important to have several options to have direct contact with the technical team.


Make sure that your web hosting service has quality security measures since it is important to avoid malware and external attacks on your website.

If you are thinking that just by installing a WordPress security plug-in, you already have everything under control, you are very wrong.

Your website will be available to everyone and not everyone has good intentions.

Storage space

Since your website is an information management system on the internet, you should bear in mind that you will store photos, texts, videos, and other documents on your server. Therefore, the space you have available to store this information in your web hosting is very important.

We must choose a storage space that fits the size of our website so that we are not limited in terms of storage capacity. We must estimate the size of our website and choose the web hosting whose storage space is capable of hosting the information, photos, videos, and other content that our website feeds on.

For small projects, you will not need more than 1 or 2 GB of storage space. 

Easy administration

If you want to choose a good WordPress web hosting that allows you to do the same things, but much faster and easier, you must choose a web hosting service that includes two fundamental points:

  • Allows you to install easily.
  • Has a good dashboard.

A good WordPress web hosting includes the installation of WordPress in a single click, so that you can install it immediately after contracting the service.

There are many control panels, but the most widespread for various factors is Panel. If the web hosting includes panel you will avoid wasted time. It is widely used servers since it allows you to manage aspects of your service quickly and easily.

Free domain the first year

Some web hosting service providers use the hook to offer free domains in the first year. You must be careful when choosing these options, because, sometimes they usually have a high cost of domain renewal starting at the beginning of the second year.

Number of maximum domains

You should not worry too much about this aspect, since normally when we choose a hosting or web hosting service, we only need to have one or two reserved domains.

You should know that there may be a limitation on the maximum number of domains that you can reserve with your domain pack and web hosting.

Limited or unlimited email accounts

Most web hosting usually offers a limitation on the maximum number of email accounts you can create. So it is another important fact to keep in mind if you need to have many registered email accounts.

Free or paid SSL certificates

It is very important to keep in mind that your web hosting provides you with paid or free SSL certificates.


Finally, the price is also a determining factor when choosing a hosting or another. The higher the price, the higher the server performance.

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