How a Clean Workplace Benefits Your Business and Your Clients

A clean workplace results in greater productivity. Messy workplaces lead to inefficient and haphazard work and lowered employee productivity. A sloppy office will also appear unappealing to any visitors and clients.

A clean workplace is integral to the success of your business.  The monetary investment involved with hiring professional cleaners more than pays off in increased employee productivity and workplace morale. Keep reading as we elaborate on the benefits of a clean business.

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Happy employees are more productive

When you think about it, your employees spend half of their waking hours in the office. If you provide them with a hygienic and tidy workplace, they will feel more comfortable and relaxed. Clear thinking is only possible in a clean environment.

Messy work environments are distracting for employees and promote disorder and laziness, which can lead to frustration and distress. Because of this, your employees may not be able to compete their designated tasks. Consider this, cluttered hallways and pathways make movement challenging.

If a company’s management takes steps to secure that the office is uncluttered and hygienic, this will in turn encourage your employees to maintain order and keep their own workspaces tidy.

Brigham Young University conducted a survey that showed that 88% of people stated that their productivity, concentration and ability to learn were diminished in an untidy and dingy environment.


Create a memorable first impression

If clients need to visit their offices, professional cleaners will help to create that perfect first impression. Clients want to deal with professionals, not slobs. A clean office inspires confidence in the client that the business is organised.

A reputable cleaning company will ensure that your premises is consistently up to scratch. Your client’s brand image will be boosted, and business will boom.


Hygiene is so important

Especially in this time of COVID-19, hygiene has never been more important. While many are working from home right now, many essential workers still need to go to work a hygienic environment is imperative. Even under normal conditions, a dirty office can become a veritable petri dish of germs.

Did you know that a regularly vacuumed workspace is healthier?

Office breakrooms harbour 20,000 germs per square inch, according to a study by Kimberly Clark Professional. Surfaces that are touched regularly such as drawer handles, taps, microwave keys and doorknobs harbour a higher concentration of germs.

Another health hazard to look out for is mold. Mold can spring up anywhere, but bathrooms and kitchens are common problem areas. Certain kinds of mold can cause respiratory or auto-immune illnesses.

If you are proactive and make sure to keep your kitchen, bathrooms and office spaces clean and dry, you can prevent mold issues.

Poor employee health has a number of ramifications that include reduced productivity, increased sick leave and in worst case scenarios, a workers’ compensation or public liability claim against your business.

Some more steps that you can take to ensure the cleanliness of your office space include regularly disposing of rubbish, regularly disinfecting and wiping down surfaces and keyboards, and keeping desk spaces tidy.

Your carpets are an added worry because they can harbor germs and bacteria.

Increased safety

A tidy and neat workplace will ensure a safer environment for employees and clients. A tidy environment reduces occupational hazards. An accident due to clutter and disorder could result in a costly insurance claim against your company.

What is an occupational hazard?

Occupational hazards are things around the workplace that can cause illness, injury or pose other risks. Hazards arise due to negligence on behalf of an employer. It can also arise if employees are uneducated about workplace dangers.

A slovenly workplace will present more occupational hazards than other workplaces. Clutter can hide wires that present tripping hazards. Clutter itself can pose a tripping hazard. Badly stacked files or boxes could fall on somebody, causing injury. Badly stored items and files can also block fire escapes and emergency exits.

Extend the life of your office contents and furniture

This benefit may not spring to mind immediately but by keeping your office equipment and furniture in good shape, you will extend their longevity. Carpets, desks, printers, computers and more all benefit from upkeep and care. Professional cleaning is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Improve the air quality of your office

A stuffy, dank office will aggravate your employees. Worse still, a poorly ventilated office may also cause health issues. In addition, it will also make your premises seem unprofessional and uninviting to visitors and clients.

Did you know that airborne pollutants are much more potent indoors than outdoors?

It’s imperative that you invest in a quality ventilation system. After all, your employees spend half of their waking hours in the office. Indoor plants are another great way to boost the quality of your office’s air.

In summary, a clean office conveys professionalism, keeps your employees happy, reduces risks, extends the life of your contents and improves your employees’ health. It makes perfect sense to hire professional cleaners to keep your premises in top shape.

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