Author Interview: Tamas Torok Discusses New Content Marketing Book

I recently had the opportunity to chat with inbound marketing expert, Tamas Torok. Tamas is the author of the new book 100 Content Marketing Tips: Learn How to Drive Thousands of Visitors to Your Blog.

What inspired you to set out to write 100 Content Marketing Tips: Learn How to Drive Thousands of Visitors to Your Blog?

I always wanted to write a book about content marketing, but couldn’t really figure out its focus.

I remember a few months ago I came across Sujan Patel’s book, 100 Days of Growth. After buying it I just flipped over the book and went to sleep.

But somehow I couldn’t sleep, my brain was running at full speed. And suddenly the eureka moment just hit me when every piece of idea came together: I have to write a book with 100 actionable content marketing tips! I jumped out of the bed and wrote it down on a piece of paper (just in case I forgot it).

This is how I got inspired.

If you could pick a single one of the 100 tips presented in the book, which one would you say is the most important for content marketers to understand?

Talking to your target audience. This is the first step to a successful content marketing strategy. It’s not just important when you start out, but also when you have an established blog. Things change, your audience might change as well, so I recommend to do a target audience audit to uncover hidden pains and needs you haven’t addressed yet.

You can experiment with many different content promotion hacks but you won’t see any significant results if you don’t do your homework and learn more about the people you’re writing to.

How could reading this book benefit someone looking to break into the content marketing field?

The book provides actionable tips and step by step instructions. I did my best to avoid vague ideas and always give something my readers can act on.

Tips cover the whole process of content marketing from generating traffic to converting visitors into leads or customers. Following these steps gives you a logical blueprint that makes sure you’re on the right track and won’t do horrible mistakes.

Where do you see content marketing heading in 2017?

Content quality will increase rapidly and will be presented in many different engaging formats (online apps, videos etc.). Also, content marketers need to figure out how not to get lost in the huge noise. Standing out from the crowd is pretty hard, but this is the only way to get reader’s attention when they’re overwhelmed by content.

What additional advice do you have for your readers NOT already presented in the book?

Create something people want to link to naturally. That means you have to come up with something new. New perspectives, information and findings are super valuable. A high quality research or case study could provide extremely useful information not only for your readers but other content marketers working in your niche.

And finally, tell my readers how they can get their hands on a copy 100 Content Marketing Tips: Learn How to Drive Thousands of Visitors to Your Blog.

The book is available on Amazon, currently for a price of a coffee.

It’s also through my website.

Content marketing continues to grow as new thought leaders enter the field and pitch innovative, exciting concepts. Stayed tuned to the our marketing blog to keep up to date with what’s going on in content marketing, social media, digital and traditional marketing and more.

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