AGMarketingChats October 28 2021: Copywriting That Makes Your Brand Stand Out From the Competition

Quality copywriting is integral to the success of your website, social media marketing, email campaigns, and sales and marketing communications. Without quality copywriting, your message will fall short, and you’ll miss out on tons of easy conversions.

Copywriting isn’t just about putting together a string of words in a pleasing way. It’s about digging in and conducting intense research. It’s about considering the outcome, goal, or intended result for every piece of copy you craft for your business. It’s critical, before you write any copy, that you understand:

  • Your target audience
  • Your products and services and the value they offer
  • Your industry and competitors
  • Your core messaging and branding

Our final #AGMarketingChats guest for the month of October in 2021 was SueAnn Bubacz, Founder of Write Mix for Business and an amazingly talented copywriter and editor (thanks, SueAnn, for proofreading and editing my book, The Business of Branding You: Invest in Your Personal Brand, Grow Your Career, and Gain Influence). SueAnn is also the host of the Mix/Sizzle & Shake Your Business Podcast.

Takeaways from the Twitter chat include:

  • The impact of quality copywriting
  • How your business should approach copywriting to generate the best results
  • Insights into important copywriting formulas
  • Aligning copy with your brand story
  • Writing quality copy across different channels
  • Other excellent tips to help you create amazing copy

To help you get your copywriting game in line and start generating improved results with your digital presence, we’ve put together a recap of the chat. Let’s jump right in with question #1.

Q1: Copywriting and content marketing can often be confused. Can you explain the difference?

Copywriting and content marketing are often confused. While there is a component of writing in content marketing, it’s not the only component, as content can come in different forms. The purpose of the two disciplines also differs quite a bit. The two are conceptually different, and it’s important to understand where the lines are drawn.

Q2: Why is copy so important in creating marketing materials (online and off) that drive real business?

The copy you write is your way of starting a conversation with your ideal customer. It’s your opportunity to convey the value you bring to their lives through your products and services. Great copy leverages the art of persuasion without making it too obvious that you’re selling something.

If you write great copy, no one will ever notice that they’re being marketed to and being persuaded into buying your product or service.

Q3: Email marketing is a highly effective way to create new business and build relationships. What email copywriting tips can you offer?

Email marketing is a powerful tool. Once you’ve captured your audience’s email information, you have the ability to target them directly in their inboxes with messages that are individually appealing. By segmenting your lists, you can more easily target and personalize your emails, thus increasing the positive impact of your campaigns.

One key to successful email copywriting is the offer. It’s important to offer something of value to get your email recipients to click and take that next step. Lead magnets like ebooks, discount codes, and other content types can really help boost your conversions if your email copywriting is done right.

Q4: Why is the copy on your website so important, and how should you craft your web copy to ensure visitors take the desired action?

Your website is the center of your digital universe. It’s the one space you really own online, so you need to make the most out of that digital space. Writing amazing website copy can really help. SueAnn and other guests during the October 28 chat shared some great advice.

Q5: How do you keep your copywriting consistent across different channels and different mediums?

Brand consistency is critical to your business’ success. Great copy should help to create a seamless experience for your audience, no matter which channel they’ve chosen on which to interact with your brand.

Put it all together. By crafting a brand message and story that transcends all of your marketing, you can develop a sense of consistency that resonates with your audience. Then take that and make sure to maintain that consistency as your optimize each channel.

Q6: Can you describe your recommendations for an effective copywriting workflow?

Oftentimes, copywriting fails to hit its mark simply because an effective copywriting workflow isn’t put into place. Fortunately, if you take the right approach and you focus on things like audience, a deep understanding of your brand, user experience, and having an outline and approval process in place, you can set your copy up to have a much bigger impact.

Q7: What tips do you have for writing social media copy for high impact?

A lot of brands fail to place the right emphasis on the importance of copywriting for social media. Social media isn’t about just posting content and getting likes. It’s about creating dialogue with your followers, generating traffic to your website, and ultimately giving a boost to your conversions by directing your followers back to landing pages optimized to convert.

When you think of social media copy in terms of conversions, you can have a much bigger impact with your social media marketing. Just in case you missed it…a “like” does not count as a conversion.

Q8: What gets you excited about copywriting, and why do you recommend copywriting as a career?

We host a new #AGMarketingChats session each Thursday. You can check out the full schedule for the remainder of 2021 by clicking this link. —>>> #AGMarketingChats Twitter Chats Calendar

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