What Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) + How Can It Benefit Your Career?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a program that companies put in place to encourage employees to connect with their community on company time. Proud businesses like Starbucks, LinkedIn, and Deloitte have been leading their team with bonuses like giving back to their community. They’ve focused their efforts on paving the way with excellent labor policies, donating to charity, increasing fair trade, and more. 

Socially responsible companies display their care for their employees. Through these initiatives, you’re able to get a slight idea of what these benefits could do for your career. Say, if a company allows you to give back to your community on their paid time, that may mean they will listen and hear you out when you go to negotiate your next salary boost. 

Surprisingly enough, 76 percent of millennials look for employers based on their CSR efforts. Giving back to the community and your employees has officially turned out to be a key trait top talent looks for when job searching. Not only can these opportunities give you the comfortability to move up at a company, it also can give you more opportunities to network internally, and so much more. 

Turns out, companies and their employees are able to reap the benefits of giving back to their communities. These initiatives could be in the form of donations to help those that are struggling, setting up events for their employees to lend a helping hand in jobs for their community, and even benefits supporting a healthy working environment. 

To check out the top 9 companies that have CSR benefits and what those CSR practices mean for your career, check out Mint’s infographic.

What Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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