Create Positive Change in Your Organization to Stand Out

Organizational change

Every organization has areas where they can improve across all aspects of operation and across all departments. No matter what area you work in within your organization, there are opportunities for you to stand out by creating positive change.

One of the fastest ways to climb the ladder within your organization is to uncover a problem and create a positive change by fixing that problem. You’ll position yourself to stand out above your peers by offering a solution and acting to fix the problem. Follow these steps to make an impact and improve your standing and your organization at the same time.

Determine your strengths

You need to first understand what skills you offer that position you to provide a solution before you look to uncover and solve any problem. Uncovering a problem is helpful in and of itself, but if someone else creates the solution and solves it, the fact that you uncovered the problem in the first place will be forgotten.

Solutions in your skill range

Once you’ve determined your strengths, the next step is to match them up with a problem. Let’s say you’ve got a strategic mind when it comes to social media, for example, and your organization is failing miserably in this area. It’s time for you to come to the rescue with a plan aimed at improving engagement, targeting your audience more effectively and otherwise making the organization better in this area.

Put together a plan

The plan you develop shouldn’t live in your head. It should be documented and fully developed. It’s often difficult to achieve buy in from decision makers in your organization without some detailed steps laid out to show them. An abstract idea might make total sense in your head, but everyone thinks differently and the chances your boss will think the same way you do are slim. So be sure to detail each step, complete with justifications and expectations, before you pitch the concept.

Pitch to your boss

Reach out to your boss to secure a spot on their calendar to pitch your idea, once you’ve fully developed your plan. Provide them with a few high level details that would pique their interest to help you secure the meeting. Your boss is busy, so let them know the meeting will be worth their while. If you can drop a brief hint of how your plan will impact the bottom line, you’ll be much more likely to secure that meeting. Make sure you know the material by heart before you go into the meeting, and you’ll give yourself a much better chance of achieving buy in.

Implement the plan

Once you’ve achieved the buy in you’re seeking, you need to be prepared to actually implement the plan. The best-laid plans are worthless if they just sit idle on your desk, so once you’ve achieved buy in, get to work immediately. The sooner you get to work, the sooner you’ll be able to show the positive results of your efforts, which leads to recognition that can position you to move up that ladder.

Track and report

Showing positive results is the key here. If you have no data to prove that your efforts worked, your reputation within your organization won’t change. In fact, it might actually suffer. Objectives and goals should be included in your plan, so be sure to track the results of your efforts according to those objectives and goals. Being able to show that you met or exceeded them is the key to your success and your ability to stand out within your organization.

When you go into your boss’s office to chat about your next promotion, being able to tout the success of your project will go a long way. Showing how your efforts impacted the bottom line positions you ahead of others vying for that same promotion and positions you to take the lead. Follow these steps to create positive change and stand out within your organization to put yourself on the fast track to success.

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