5 Important Tips for Improving Your Company’s Culture of Safe Operations

Just like companies that exist primarily online focus so much on cybersecurity, construction companies, industrial and other physical businesses need to invest the same amount of effort and ingenuity to ensure workplace safety. In essence, the notion of safety transcends the idea of online or offline, rather, it should be a mindset deeply embedded into your employees and a mode of operation that comes naturally to everyone in the workplace, be it digital or physical. That calls for building a culture of safety in your organization and ensuring that everyone is on the same page regarding expectations, precautions, and best practices.

It’s up to you as the business leader to provide a safe work environment for your employees and to build a company culture based on safety one day at a time. Safety is a core prerequisite that will later allow you to grow your business and to build upon its foundation.

Here, we’ll suggest a few of the most effective strategies to evolve that safety mindset for your business and to provide a secure work environment for all those who work under your wing.

Safety within onboarding procedure

Do your new employees understand what’s expected of them when they start working with you? Many employers fail to add safety training and preparation in their onboarding procedure, which is a mistake you cannot afford. By adding safety protocols to your onboarding, you’ll prepare your workers for potential challenges and thus boost your business performance as well as safety.

Focus on workplace cleanliness

Now that we’re witnessing the impact of the pandemic, we know just how imperative workplace cleanliness is for businesses in every possible industry. Establishing core hygiene rules for your workers will help you prevent not just viral outbreaks and infections of all sorts, but also injuries such as slips and falls, sprains, and the like.

Ensure workplace safety
Image: Ensure workplace safety

When your employees spend their time at a construction site, a manufacturing facility, or any sort of in person office or other working environment, they are bound to deal with all kinds of power tools, materials, equipment, and technology that requires proper handling. Train your employees to keep things tidy and avoid clutter to prevent workplace accidents, and you’ll not just avoid lawsuits and insurance issues, but also elevate the overall safety for your business.

Ensure a safe work environment

Certain precautions you take can make or break your entire strategy to build a culture of safety in your organization. For example, how you design the entire workplace and what kind of conditions you provide will either ensure safety or make it impossible to follow safety procedures in the first place. This is especially the case in industrial settings, where one of the key factors for safety is proper lighting. Lighting also has an impact in office settings. While you likely wouldn’t think about it, poor lighting can lead to eye issues for people working all day on computers.

Install proper lighting
Image: Install proper lighting

Precisely because of the nature of your business, you should choose innovative fixtures suited to industrial needs or fixtures designed to provide the right type of light to create an optimized office environment. that will provide proper visibility for all work environments and ensure the safety of your staff on site. Quality illumination allows your staff to work with ease and without eye strain, thus preventing fatigue, health issues, and reducing the risk of injuries in the workplace.

Create a protocol for emergencies

Preventing accidents should be a core goal for your business, especially if you work in risky fields such as construction or manufacturing. Accidents will happen despite your best efforts every now and then, but your response to such situations will make all the difference for your employees and your brand reputation. Emergency preparedness should be another core value of your safety-oriented company culture.

Have emergency protocols in place
Image: Have emergency protocols in place

Outline a clear protocol for your employees as to what they should do in case of different emergencies. Preventative measures paired with the right response protocol can help prevent common legal issues for your organization and keep your employees safe in one go. Define their roles and outline their tasks, so that they can follow a clear step-by-step procedure until things go back to normal.

Educate and train your staff regularly

Handling different types of equipment, special awareness and coordination, as well as other skills are all vital for ensuring workplace safety for your staff. If they need to use power tools and wear safety equipment in the process, you need to regularly train everyone on best practices using the right equipment and the right protective gear.

Education shouldn’t be a one-time thing for safety. On the contrary, you should organize regular meetings to ensure all safety protocols are followed and praise your staff for making a conscious effort to increase everyone’s safety. Keep an eye on industry trends so that you can upgrade your protocols and introduce new training modules for your workers, as well.

Even after you evaluate and implement the listed strategies, you should keep in mind that safety is a fluid, ever-changing concept that will evolve with your organization. That said, make sure that you continuously go back to the drawing board to see if there’s anything else to improve to increase workplace safety. That will allow you peace of mind and will reinforce a culture of safe operations in your business.

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