9 Ways To Enhance Customer Experience and Delight them in the Pandemic

It’s safe to say that customers drive the success of any scale business. Customer experiences can make or break your entire business!

Business owners need to enhance customer satisfaction and delight them in order to survive in the marketplace. To help you do just that, here are 8 ways to enhance customer experience and delight them this year and into 2021.

1.Defining your Customers

Business strategies may not be of any use if you don’t know who your potential customers are.  An easy way to define your customers is by creating a buyer’s persona.

Creating a buyer’s persona is the initial step for all different types of business models. A buyer persona is defined as a fictional or imaginary character that represents a business’s potential customers, based on what you know about their behaviors, and customer acquisition.

sBuilding a buyer persona will minimize the risk of wasting marketing capital on non-potential customers.

In short only potential customers will be the center of attention for brands! 

2.Understand the Need of Customers

Once your target customers are defined, try to understand their needs or priorities. 2020 is not any ordinary year because people’s priorities and needs have changed due to adaptation to a quarantine/social distancing lifestyle.

Changes like these, although maybe not on such a level, happen all the time. In order to acknowledge the change in lifestyle in an instance like the pandemic, for example, brands can offer at home necessity products or services temporarily.

The temporarily offered products/services could be a trial version of the main product. This will build brand awareness for the long term as well as bring revenue at present.

As a business owner, you should put yourself in customer’s shoes.

3. Communicate

Communication has always been a vital medium to build good relationships with customers. One way to increase your clients’ satisfaction is to communicate with them through their preferred method.

Back in the days when digital marketing wasn’t entirely acculturated into sales and marketing strategies, communicating with customers via telephone was immensely popular.

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence(AI) is majorly influencing digital marketing strategies. With the help of AI, businesses could easily connect with potential customers. One of the applications of AI in communication is “Chatbots”.

Chatbots follow the process of creating an interactive conversation with your customer which is partially based on AI.  In the beginning, web developers need to program chatbots in the website with fixed answers to some basic questions related to the product or services. Then chatbots keep on learning with time and more queries customers ask.

Chatbots are dominant in communication because they respond straight away at any time of the day or night.

4. Amplify Brand Awareness

Customers tend to purchase from brands they recognize so, one shouldn’t underestimate the importance of building brand awareness.

Without established brand awareness, the conversion won’t take place. Make sure all the marketing strategies are adding value to amplify brand awareness.  A wise direction for entrepreneurs in 2020 and beyond could be to place extra focus on online marketing strategies.

If the process of brand awareness is done efficiently, people will be storytellers of your brand.

 5. Go Social Like Never Before

The role of social media platforms in business is intensifying with the passing years. With a touch of personalization in your business’s social handle, customers view your profile almost as an individual person rather than as a brand.

Often big brands interact with customers on social media via engaging features like stories, surveys, polls, shares, likes, comments, and memes!

People end up at brands or businesses on social media because it is the most comfortable and fun way for them to communicate.  

 6. Easy Access To Self Service

Many brands or organizations are recognizing the benefits of reliable and dedicated self-service portals. A self-service portal is a collection of self-help functions in the form of videos,  screenshots, tutorials, common FAQs, etc.

Self-service portals are greatly beneficial for your employees as it reduces the amount of time employees spend on simple/common tickets.

Adding a self-service portal will help a website to be more user friendly which ultimately improves the company’s overall brand image.

 7.Work on Negative Reviews

New potential customers will buy your product or service based on the review of that product. Only 6 percent of potential customers don’t trust the reviews before purchasing.

No doubt negative reviews help every brand to strengthen the weakness but negative reviews are only good for brands if they act proactively on prior flaws.

The negative feedback helps brands to understand exactly what their customers want.

Reviews either negative or positive enable you to track your customer satisfaction score.

8.Go Extra Mile To Outshine Competitors

In today’s marketplace, it’s important to be familiar with your competitors. Companies that provide a high level of customer satisfaction can differentiate themselves from their competitors.

New businesses are emerging and the customer is free to choose the brand, which is why understanding customer satisfaction is critical to ensure customers’ loyalty.

Analyzing and tracking competitors on regular interval will ensure your long-term success

 9. Revise, Measure & Improve

Great customer experiences are not built in a single day. They are crafted with deep planning and excellent execution.

To provide an adequate experience to your customers, you need to fulfill their demands and serve them in the best possible way. Constantly revise all the strategies and ask yourself “Have we done the best to make my customers satisfied enough to choose our brand every time?”

There is no specific key for success, analyzing the mistakes, and coping up with the latest ways to enhance customer experience will help to reach the level of customer delightfulness.

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Mark Burke

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