How to Use Customer Feedback to Boost Your Brand

Customers no longer trust branded content and paid promotions anymore.

They now focus on the opinions of the average consumer with similar needs, habits, problems, and preferences.

To gain customers’ trust and retain them, you need to ask relevant questions and keep collecting their feedback.

In this article, you will learn how to use customer feedback to give your business a boost.

1.    Produce Helpful Products

According to Forrester, customer feedback can help companies generate new product ideas. By understanding your target audience’s problems, desires, frustrations, and requirements, you will develop more relevant products that meet their needs.

No matter if that means expanding to new markets, improving product usability, or creating a new product, the opportunities are limitless. You just need to ask the right questions and learn to listen to your customers.

Netflix is a perfect example of how social media listening can help you improve customer satisfaction and increase brand loyalty. Back in 2015, many users complained about falling asleep while binge-watching their favorite TV series on Netflix. To address this problem, the brand decided to create the innovative Netflix Socks that pause the episode when a user dozes off.

Netflix socks
Image: The inner workings of the Netflix socks

2.    Measure Customer Satisfaction

To attract new customers, as well as retain existing ones, you need to provide exceptional customer experiences. Satisfied customers are going to purchase from you faster, come back to your website, and recommend your brand to friends and families.

Precisely because of that, you need to measure customer satisfaction continuously:

  • Create customer satisfaction surveys, such as the Net Promoter Score. It examines how likely your customers are to recommend your brand to other people.
  • Use social media monitoring. Social listening tools like Hootsuite or Social Mention allow you to track brand mentions and determine what people say about you.
  • Analyze your call center data. VoIP phone systems offer a wide range of advanced customer analytics features, such as measuring the customer sentiment score or the customer experience score.
  • Analyze your live chat transcripts. They are treasure troves of direct and indirect customer feedback.
  • Create short SMS surveys. Alternatively, you could use IM apps, such as Viber or WhatsApp, depending on your customers’ preferences.

By collecting customer feedback and measuring customer satisfaction, you will retain loyal customers. Above all, you will encourage brand advocacy. Satisfied customers will spread the positive word of mouth and help you attract new customers.

3.    Use Customer Feedback as Social Proof

Say you want to purchase a new dining table. You would probably ask your friends and family for help. Once they tell you the names of the companies they trust, you would google them and start reading customer reviews.

That is a perfect example of social proof – a theory that customers conform to the behaviors and attitudes of other people.

There are many different types of social proof. Using customer feedback is one of the most popular ones. Statistics say that customers trust online reviews as much as friends’ recommendations.

Now, there are numerous ways to use customer feedback on your website.

Encourage Customer Reviews

For example, you could use product ratings on your product pages, Google My Business Listings, or social networks. When reviewing products on your website and seeing that it earned five stars from people like them, customers will be more likely to purchase the item faster.

Online reviews
Image: The power of positive online reviews

Amazon, for example, displays customer ratings and reviews for each product on their website.

Ask for Customer Testimonials

Adding customer testimonials to your website’s homepage, product pages, and checkout pages will gain customer trust and encourage faster conversions. When publishing customer testimonials, always add a customer’s photo, location, and job title. To humanize your brand, you could also produce testimonial videos.

Video: Example of a customer testimonial video

Write Case Studies

Your goal is to use the data you gathered from your analytics tools and reports to show how your brand has helped your customers to achieve a particular objective. Create a dedicated section on your website for case studies and customer success stories. Those are data-backed forms of social proof that show what problems a customer faced before meeting you and how your products or services have made their lives better.

Leverage Wisdom of the Crowds

This tactic triggers customers’ fear of missing out. The idea behind it is simple – showing how many people have already purchased from you and showing the numbers on your website. Many big brands, including Copyblogger, use this tactic.

4.    Motivate your Employees

Positive customer feedback can boost your employees’ morale.

For example, if a lot of your customers are talking about your latest product update, team members that worked on it will be proud.

For your marketing team, positive feedback is a sign that their strategies resonate with their target customers.

Positive impressions will also boost your customer support team and encourage them to put more effort into future conversations with customers.

However, do not neglect the power of negative feedback, either. That is an opportunity for your employees to get to know their target audiences and their frustrations. That way, they will be able to improve their strategies to fulfill customer needs better.

Ready to Use Customer Feedback to Boost your Brand?

In today’s hypercompetitive small business landscape, you need to build a customer-first strategy. That is where collecting and using customer feedback plays an immense role.

Learn about your customers’ needs, requirements, and experiences with your brand.

Understand what kind of problems they face when they purchase from brands in your industry.

Use their attitudes and experiences to improve your products and build trust with them.

Let them know their voice is heard.

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