Customers are Oddly Attracted to These 10 Marketing Strategies

In the ever-changing world of marketing, a business needs to continually develop better strategies to get ahead of the game. Replace old plans immediately with new and more effective ones. With the latest trends, technologies, and approaches, how would you know which ones to try?

Here are the top ten marketing strategies that attract customers and offer a high ROI. If you’re already applying them, there are ways to tweak them to gather more positive results for your brand. Or, if they seem out of your niche, you can replicate them and align them with what’s best for your business.

Start a Blog

Even though the human attention span has receded to a mere 8 seconds, it’s surprising that blogging is among the top three forms of media used in content strategies today. If you don’t have a blog yet, it’s high time that you start one now.

Many entrepreneurs are already using this strategy, as we can see from most websites. But to make yours more powerful, aim to build authority with your blogs. The key is to use your blog to educate and provide value to your readers.

Make Your Customers Feel Valued

In this extremely competitive world, making your customers feel valued will go a long way. Involving them in the decision-making process can show them that you value their opinion. Take a cue from Lay’s campaign where they asked customers for flavor ideas. 

Another great way to do this strategy is to use user-generated content. Ask them for pictures, recipes, or how-to articles, depending on the nature of business you’re in. Reward them for their efforts and see how beneficial this is for social proof and customer loyalty.

Build Rapport via Email

Marketers are investing in email marketing, as they believe it offers the highest ROI for small businesses. To make the most of your emails, execute a personalized messaging strategy. This entails more than using the first name of your recipients.

To build rapport with those on your email list, understand who they are. Know what their pain points are, what they want and need. In short, dig deep into their minds.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Nowadays, no business owner should be ignoring what social media can do for business growth. This is where most of the action is happening that even your competition uses them. However, there are cases where social media doesn’t work its magic.

Spreading your wings across all social media platforms can be overwhelming. It can actually do the opposite and kill a strategy, top marketer Neil Patel says. What you need to do is choose one social media channel (or a small handful), the one(s) where your audience lives, and do your marketing there.

Use SEO Best Practices

Search Engine Optimization is something that intimidates many business owners. But if they understand what a powerful tool it is for marketing, they’d go to great lengths to have it. You can have companies do the SEO for you while acquainting yourself with the concept.

In the meantime, you can manage your online presence with the help of tools such as Google My Business. Doing this can significantly help you with brand awareness and landing your brand in the top searches.

Be Consistent in Retargeting

With so many things to see and do on the internet, it’s quite challenging to get your audience’s attention. They may have seen your ads, but reminding them about your brand is a very effective marketing ploy. This is the reason many companies use it.

Retargeting prompts prospects to convert or upsell to existing customers. You can create strategically-timed alerts using a variety of platforms. Think of this as the second chance to persuade people who have previously shown interest in your brand.

Use Creative Visual Content

A Content Marketing Institute study found out that 72% of B2B content marketers use videos, infographics, illustrations, and photos as part of their content marketing. Humans are highly visual creatures, and the addition of graphics in your content helps immensely.

For this, you will need to have graphic design solutions at your disposal. An unlimited graphic design service, such as Penji, can help. They can design visuals specifically for purposes of content marketing.

Use Videos

Last year, the use of videos was a must-do in marketing strategies. It still hasn’t changed and is still a valuable option to include in your marketing plans. Research tells us that 83% of video marketers say video has helped them generate leads. Also, it found out that 72% of the most commonly-created videos are explainer videos.

So, if you’re already using videos to market your brand, do more. And video tutorials and explainers are the best to create, following what the statistics tell us. 

Offer an Affiliate Program

Fuel your business’s growth by creating an affiliate program. Also called an associate program, it is the process where a merchant pays a partner for links to his website from yours. When you make a sale through that link, you will pay your affiliate an amount that you agree on.

This is an excellent way to get referrals and spread the word about your brand. 

Provide Opportunities for Guest Blogging

As always, quality content should be a priority when strategizing. Whether it’s blogging or video creation, quality should come first. When you allow guests to write for your blog, you are diversifying your content. 

You’re also opening your blog for more authoritative and useful information that only those equipped with the expertise can bring. Think of it as bringing their readers down your way to get a broader and more organic reach.

Wrapping Up

Although there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, it’s always a good idea to try and experiment. Doing all that’s in this list is an excellent way to start. It also helps if you think outside the box and try as many strategies until you get the perfect ones.

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