How to Keep Yourself and Your Team Safe From Identity Theft Online

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In this digital era, identity theft is a dangerous crime and huge issue. It leads to financial losses and loss of crucial data for businesses. And today, through cyber crime, cybercriminals make close to $50 billion annually. Thus, having a strong program focused on cyber security in place in critical to your business’ success.

So, is there anything you can do to stop this and prevent yourself from getting harmed? Cybercriminals and third-party attackers will always be there to carry out their wicked ways of hampering data and online identity. The only solution is to stay aware of how the attacks might occur.

Do you want to protect yourself from identity theft? If yes, sticking to the following guidelines will help:

  1. Stay aware of phishing websites

These are the sites that look similar to another website. Usually, the phishing websites request the user’s log-in details to enter the site and then ask for other information. Typically, these websites target bank customers and rob all their cash. These websites also become prevalent during festivities, like Christmas and New Years. Lots of Phishers tend to plan attacks during major holidays.

How can you steer clear from this? The obvious solution is not to provide any data on any website. It means you don’t provide social security numbers, residential addresses, or bank account numbers to any online sources. Scan the website thoroughly and check the details. A phishing website will have URL errors and other questionable elements that you can detect with careful examination.

Phishing website example
Image: Example of phishing website – Source
  1. Keep your password protected

Scammers are always heading for your password. Hence, you must use a different password for each different website you log in to. Ensure that you use a different combination of letters, symbols, and numbers to create a password, which raises the phisher’s complexity level. That way, they won’t be able to break into your account.

  1. Anti-malware and anti-virus solutions

The other way the scammers can have access to your crucial details is by planting malware or a virus that you can’t detect. They will send a corrupt file in your email, mobile device, or laptop, and within a few naïve clicks of the mouse, you will find your business information and other details get robbed. The best solution is to install an anti-malware solution and keep your computing devices protected.

  1. Manage your social media carefully

Social media channels offer a great way to stay connected and stay in touch. With this in mind, we often make new connections, not knowing that they could be scammers or phishers. The best solution is to refrain from socially divulging sensitive data and check out the people you converse with. That way, we can detect anything unnatural in a profile and block it. Taking it another step further and not accepted requests from people you don’t know is also a useful tactic to employ in your fight against cyber crime.

  1. The shopping portals

The leading shopping portals are secure and safe. However, there are other smaller retailers from which people shop as well. How can you ensure that the different shopping websites are authentic? If these websites operate smoothly after installing anti-malware programs, you can buy from it.

ecommerce trust seals
Image: Look for ecommerce sites with these trust seals to ensure safety – Source

These are a few steps that allow you to secure your identity online. Always stay alert and make use of your practical know-how. If your friend sends you an email with a link and no other detail, you know that’s not correct, so just use common sense in all online situations. Ensure safety protocols, and you can be safe.

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