Best Digital Marketing Apps for On-the-Go Users

As business professionals, we often look only to our laptop computer or desktop as tools for getting work done. With tremendous advancements in mobile technology, however, we now need to look at our mobile devices more as business tools rather than just being there for communication or entertainment.

Mobile devices, today, can do basically as much as a laptop or desktop computer can do for us, even more. Hence, we call them minicomputers. 

Laptops and desktops are great, but what about when you need to work and you’re on the move?  This is where our mobile devices come in with access to on-the-go mobile apps that allow us to take on business tasks while traveling or otherwise on the move.

To help you get started using mobile apps to do business on the go (or enhance your current usage if you’ve already jumped on the bandwagon), here are a few of my favorites apps. 

Best Digital Marketing Apps for on-the-go users

These are must-have apps for digital marketers as on-the-go users. These handy tools optimize marketing and other business tasks on mobile phones.


Hootsuite is of great use when it comes to scheduling posts to your social media channels. Hootsuite is vital for content marketers because scheduling content to upload makes social media marketing more efficient as you’re able to schedule multiple posts ahead of time and then even monitor mentions and other activity.

The best part is that the mobile version has just about the same functionality as the desktop version, so you won’t miss a beat on the go.

There are two main Hootsuite Plans: the freemium plan, and the premium plan (there’s also an enterprise plan, so feel free to check it out if you have a bigger budget).

  • The Freemium plan allows you to make 30 posts per day and manage up to three social accounts.
  • The premium plan starts at$25. It allows you to add more social accounts, schedule more posts, and also add team members.
value of hootsuite mobile app
Sample screenshot showing post scheduling on Hootsuite mobile app


Buffer works well with content scheduling and tracking. It’s a nice alternative to Hootsuite if you want to try something different. You can line up content to post on various social media accounts using Buffer. 

Buffer has a unique feature that allows you to do a follow-up statistics on scheduled posts. 

On an iPhone, Buffer allows you to schedule posts right from other browser apps like Safari; it comes with a free subscription and four paid plans listed below

  • Pro – $15 monthly
  • Small business – $99 monthly
  • Medium business – $199 monthly
  • Large company – $399 monthly

Facebook Ads Manager

As far as what this app does, I think the name says it all. Facebook Ads Manager was developed for managing Facebook Ads campaigns without having to login to your desktop. Facebook Ads Manager helps you to stay on top of the marketing world, create and track your ads on the go.

It allows you to manage ads, edit posts and set budgets right from your mobile device. 

You can also use the mobile-friendly Facebook Ads manager to track Facebook Ads and receive notifications quickly on your mobile device. 

The Facebook ads manager is available for free. Of course, the ads cost money.

Facebook Ads Manager App
Source: Facebook Ads Manager App –



Canva is useful in terms of creating graphic content. The new version brings all the features from the desktop version right into your phone.

You can use Canva to create custom images with its pre-built templates and share them directly to social media. This app is great for creating:

  • Social media graphics
  • Header images
  • Presentations
  • Ads
  • Invitations
  • The list goes on!  

 Get premium services from Canva’s Pro and Enterprise plans starting from $10 per month. If a paid version isn’t in your budget, you can also enjoy great features from Canva’s freemium subscription.

Grammarly Keyboard

Typos in your email or other marketing content can make your company look bad. That alone can be a disaster for your business. The Grammarly keyboard app has a unique keyboard that indicates grammatical errors and misspellings. 

With this app, you can eradicate poor grammar and improve your writing skills, and communicate effectively via email campaigns.


In today’s business world, you can find yourself doing business from anywhere. Taking a break from technology often is not a luxury you have. You can work at any time and place you find yourself.

The above business apps make marketing and marketing operations more accessible from anywhere. Thus, they make you more effective in your role. 

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