Digital Marketing: How to Create a Successful and Profitable Online Presence

There is a lot of marketing buzz in the business industry. Businesses are using new approaches to marketing and branding by going all digital. So, businesses of all scales need to understand the nuts and bolts of digital marketing. Here, we will learn about the ways to create a successful and profitable online presence. But before that, let’s define what digital marketing and online presence mean.

Digital Marketing: Definition

Digital marketing is the process of advertising and promoting businesses and their products or services through digital media channels. Digital media constitutes websites, social media pages, etc.

Online Presence

From the name, it may look like an online presence is signing up to a website, social media page, or creating one of our own. This would be correct to some extent, but it is definitely only half the story. Online presence is how easily a website is available when related keywords are searched in a search bar. For example, you have a car leasing business. Your website will appear in the top places of the list upon searching ‘car leasing services’ if you have an excellent online presence and vice versa. 

Basically, you will need to have a website and be present on the relevant social media platforms. You can use digital marketing tools and techniques to improve your online presence, such as making Google Business listings to share contact information with the customers so they can easily approach your website or social media page. It is necessary to improve online presence because only then will more and more people organically reach out to your website and engage so that you get a high chance to boost conversion rates, increase sales, and make a profit.

Ways to Create a Successful Online Presence

1: Optimize your website for search engines

It is imperative to have a website optimized for search engines because it is basically the search engine’s algorithm that decides whether or not a website is valuable enough to be ranked higher. When listing products or services and writing the content for the website, make sure to use striking keywords that the customers may type to search for a business like you. Creating a GoogleMyBusiness listing can also help in that regard. If you put in all the information correctly, you will gain credibility in the eyes of Google; hence, you will become more visible to customers.

2: Optimize your page for mobile

One of the essential things that you should never miss out on is optimizing your page for mobile. Today, most consumers use their mobile phones to do searches online. The web pages designed for a computer website do not operate well on a mobile phone. Also, they take lots of time to load. You must keep in mind that the consumers do not wait more than 2 seconds for a website to open, which means that the loading time of a website on mobile must be fast. In that regard, Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages) can be a great help. Google AMP allows you to create fast-loading web pages on a mobile browser. AMP pages use HTML and JavaScript and make content hosted on the Google AMP cache. So when customers use mobile browsers to search for keywords relating to your website, they will be directed to the cached version of the website, which can load quickly on the mobile browser.

3: Focus on networking

It is not enough to make a website and rely solely on it for digital marketing. It is very important to create pages on the relevant social media platforms and provide easy access for customers to your website. Engaging with customers on social media helps build a personalized relationship and extend networks, and all businesses must keep in mind that personalization is the key to success. And most importantly, it helps make the online purchasing process more manageable. For example, by using a Whatsapp business account, businesses are linked with consumers directly, making it easy for customers to place their orders on their phones.

4: Create valuable content

You may have heard this here, there, and everywhere, but content is king. It really is. If you want to stand out among your competitors and want more and more customers to engage with your website, you must create quality content on your website. By quality content, it means relevant, reliable, and valuable content that is void of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Such quality content ranks higher in search engine pages for the relevant keywords.

5: Build credibility

Credibility is the element that keeps customers bound with a business. You must give correct information on your website, ensure improving customer service, and update customer reviews every month or two. These are the elements that rank your website higher in the search engine result pages and therefore attract more and more customers.

6: Protect the customer’s data

As more and more people are giving out their personal information on online platforms, cybercrimes are surging extravagantly. Today, customers become hesitant before giving their information. Therefore you must focus on ensuring the protection of customers’ data so that more and more customers can share their data.

7: Influencer marketing

More than 90% of people rely on the recommendations of a person, especially an opinion leader, to buy a product or service. Therefore, influencer marketing is gaining more importance day by day. Celebrities, social activists, political and social leaders as well as significant personalities are the keys to reaching out to millions of their followers and increasing the likelihood of your website getting hit by plenty of customers. These influencers advertise products and services through their social media pages to deliver your message to the masses. However, choosing the right influencer is an important task to do with skepticism. For example, a  beauty product getting recommended by a fashion icon will be more successful than a political leader.

8: Online Advertising

You can also increase your online appearance through online advertising. The paid advertisements that display on the search engine are more likely to drive traffic to your website. Therefore more people will know about your services, and it will improve your visibility. While it is important to focus on advertising on the search engine, it is also important to use social media for advertising purposes. All social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc., provide the opportunity of advertising.

9: Focus on Analytics

It is very important to get the correct information of the leads on the website. Therefore, you must deploy useful and trustworthy tools and software to do the task for you. While keeping an eye on the analytics help, you must take immediate and correct decisions and moves at the spur of the moment. For example, if a visitor has just looked at your website and is not ready yet to purchase, you can ask for the email to send a newsletter. Once you get their information, you can keep them updated with your products and services through email to convert them into customers.

The Bottom Line

The importance of digital marketing is enormous, but businesses also need to know about tactics to improve their online presence.  An online presence can be improved by optimizing their website for search engines and mobile, producing quality content, building trust, networking, and ensuring customer data protection.

Casey Harward

4 thoughts on “Digital Marketing: How to Create a Successful and Profitable Online Presence”

  1. Hi Casey,

    Building an online presence these day is super essential and all the way you’ve mentioned are the super effective ones. Creating valuable content and networking are the two most effective things in my opion. Thanks for this amazing post.

    • I agree completely about networking and adding value through content. Building relationships allows you to help others and receive help yourself. You sort of grow as a team. And making sure the content you produce adds value for the intended audience is super important. Without that, you don’t give them a reason to come back for more.


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