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When a package arrives at your door, you are excited as a small child, no matter what age you are! Some people express their enthusiasm and some are good at hiding it. But alertness and curiosity are natural emotions. Think about building these feelings in the minds of decision makers in the business you are targeting. So, yes, you stand out from the crowd and no matter how small or large they are, they will see the gesture! Coming back to the point, we are talking about the direct mail strategy of account based marketing. This strategy has proven to be successful for many companies that practice ABM. So what is ABM direct mail and, are there any successful or ideal examples to follow? Let us look in detail.

What is ABM Direct Mail?

We know that account-based marketing is a strategy that includes targeting, privatization and conversions. But what happens when touch becomes part of the above process? Well, the results are amazing. An email response rate increased from 7.5% to 9.5% with a multi-channel ABM strategy, according to an Infotrends report. But ABM’s biggest challenges are delivering a personalized customer experience, choosing targeted accounts and deciding on the right content. Thus, direct mail can help you deal with the challenge of providing a personalized customer experience.

A direct mail strategy delivers personalized objects, messages, and more to the target organization’s decision makers. The best part about direct mail is that you can get as much creativity as you want. In addition, the top team ensures that your efforts are seen.

“Direct mail is the new black in B2B. There is nothing more personalized than a handwritten note with a fully customized personalized direct mail for your prospect or customer. – Sangram Vajre, CMO of Terminus.

Let’s take a look at the best ways to incorporate direct mail into your ABM strategy. Remember, whatever personalized items you intend to send to the relevant people, make sure:

You have a bold, clear and unambiguous call to action.
Your message is short, simple and straightforward.
Your strategy should be less and more.
You have added an extra personal touch to your mail.

Once you’ve set up a direct mail strategy, here are a few things to keep in mind before implementing it.

Determine the stage of the buyer’s journey

Before sending a direct mail to your target account, find out where they are on their buyer’s journey. Let us consider these three stages.

Awareness phase
If your buyer is in the awareness phase, you should target all decision makers in the organization. It might be a good idea to send them the good stuff they put together.

For example: Send a box with a personalized message about your company to one person and the key to another. Or you can gift each of the puzzles you need to put together to decode the message.

Demo Stage
Best wishes if you have reached the demonstration stage with the target account! Now, if you find it difficult to arrange an appointment with them, use direct mail to get their attention.

For example: Tick the clock to open at any time and send them a surprise box. It’s like scheduling a demo at that time and claiming the prize!

Final Stage
You have completed the transaction and everything is ready to start the transaction. But some small things seem to be stuck in the buyer’s corner. This is where your research will come in handy. You want to find the special similarities of the decision makers and attract them. It will help you get their attention and close all waiting work.

For example: Send them a password protection device that they will only be able to access once the transaction is complete.

Know the Decision Makers

It is an essential element in deciding which direct mail you should send. You need to be aware of the recipient’s tastes, hobbies and personal traits. Thus, use everything you can from the social media and sales team to create the best effect.

Determine the factors for conversion

Finally, when the package is opened, it should contact the person immediately. Thus, when you design or assemble a package, make sure it connects immediately. Moreover, it should address painful locations and challenges and be consistent with the goals of the company. Thus, determine the factors that directly affect them and you will give the best solutions.

For example: If you are a rental agency, give them a complete puzzle without a single piece and a few options for the lost piece. Once they fit the right section, your puzzle says, “If you have trouble finding the right person, we will help your hire!” Make sure you send a personalized note to each person with the general goal of the message.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Privatization will no doubt enhance your direct mail strategy. But there are other major benefits to B2B direct mail marketing. Let’s look at them:

Top Accounting
Less waste of resources
High win rate
Short sales cycles
Make strong connections
Improved success rate of ABM strategy

Great Examples of ABM Direct Mail

Some organizations have nailed it right when it comes to direct mail marketing.
Here are some examples:

Peri process

(Image courtesy: Pinterest)

Peri Process is a reputed company that deals with machinery and equipment used for over 80 years. Thus, manufacturing companies wanted to sell their unwanted and redundant equipment for cash. So with this message in mind, they have included fake currency entries with a leaflet saying ‘Do not throw away your money’. Therefore, it was able to send his message through more realistically!

Schott Solar
Schott Solar is a company that manufactures solar panels. Their solar panels come with a 20-year warranty.

(Image courtesy: D&AD)

To expand the sale, they included a 20-year warranty calendar with the solar panel. The calendar is pasted 60 centimeters away from the wall and delivers the desired message!

Wrapping Up

So no matter what business you are dealing with, innovation and creativity are the way to easy transformation! This way you can understand your customers and give them what they want in a fancy style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is direct mail in account based marketing?

Direct Mail is a tactile ABM strategy that mails products directly to customers. These products are personalized and have a direct marketing message. Examples of such products are postcards, catalogs, personal items, coupons, samples and more.

What is the impact of direct mail on the subscriber?

A study by scientists has revealed that if a person receives a physical product, it leaves a deep imprint on the brain. This way, a direct mail strategy will get your customer’s attention. The best part is, the more creative and personalized you are, the better the effect!

Can a simple postcard be counted as a direct mail strategy?

Of course, it can be done. If it sends a clear message, it’s personalized and motivates the customer to take action, it is a successful direct mail strategy. Always remember, the size or price of direct mail does not matter, but the impact it creates!

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