How Can You Save Your Business with Direct Marketing

Direct marketing can breathe new life into a dying business. That means there is hope for everyone!

It doesn’t matter how hard the times are or how terrible your books look; if marketed correctly, any business can profit.

Direct marketing solutions aim to target a very specific demographic and group of consumers or even one pre-selected target, which would directly align with your company’s potential consumers.

The marketing is very specific (exactly why it works so well) and focused on what the target really needs. This can include various things such as a new product or an upcoming event or the introduction of a newly launched website.

How Exactly Does Direct Marketing Happen?

There are many ways to market your business – email, television, digital advertising, telemarking, social media, traditional postal mail, the list goes on.

From these tactics, the one we feel works best when it comes to direct marketing is using emailing lists (basically emailing the people you are trying to market directly).

What makes direct marketing so desirable is that you can measure how the consumer or the person you targeted responded to your brand. This allows you to assess the results and develop improved strategies if the initial result isn’t what you expected.

The way to measure the interaction is pretty simple.

Let’s say that you decided to market your product by offering a specific one-time discount in the form of a link in an email or using a chat bot. If you include a cookie or a pixel in the link, you can easily track how many clicks your link generated and how many sales it eventually led to.

A direct marketing strategy will help you attain the following main goals:

  • Increasing sales to existing customers
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Re-establishing lapsed customer relationships
  • Generating new business

This can give your company an idea as to where you are going right or wrong and help you make changes in your plans accordingly.

These changes may include changing the tone in which you reach out to users or the outlet of communication used to target possible markets and companies. Moreover, you can also change the discounts provided by raising them or changing them to something else to see what connects with your target.

Direct Selling is Different than Direct Marketing

In direct selling, the seller’s main aim is to get a group of people in a room to market the product directly to them. The presence of physical interaction makes the people more open to trying out new products, making them more susceptible to buying.

This makes it one of the best ways to market your product as the seller’s expertise makes the product look more appealing to the audience and gives a personal factor – which ads or email often fail to achieve and hence adds to the additional sales.

Moreover, many direct sellers have a coach for sales which helps them perfect their art and gain as many sales as possible due to mentorship.

Direct marketing, while targeted, can be more hands off, using more digital techniques and can be personalized while at the same time targeting a wider audience.

Market Your Event The Right Way

Marketing doesn’t only happen for products, it’s essential to get the word out if an event is taking place to make sure that people show up and interact. Direct marketing plays a very important role in this because if the marketing strategies are not utilized correctly, the whole point of marketing an event goes to waste.

Event marketing has many aspects, the major one being the timeline that is followed. To get people interested in the event, it is crucial to build up hype and get word of mouth. You could use direct marketing to target specific people who would be interested in attending your event but may also help spread the word.

Target these people, and then send additional communication to them asking them to promote the event. Maybe they get a discount if they promote your event to their own audience. etc.


Direct marketing is a hugely valuable tool. If you truly know your target audience, you can really benefit from an direct approach.

You can truly nail down your message and focus it on what you know will work rather than shooting for broader promotion that can often miss the mark.

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