Dooozen Product Review: LinkedIn Automation Tool for Boosting Sales

Marketing experts are taking notice of the Dooozen LinkedIn Automation Tool for providing all the features and functions needed to succeed on LinkedIn. Dooozen clients have found excellent results from using this advanced tool.

The tool helps marketers and sales people efficiently send auto-messages and connection requests, boosting their ability to network and drive business. This versatile tool also filters searches and contacts to enhance lead prospecting.

Doozen LinkedIn Automation Tool Product Overview

Dooozen offers an intuitive design that is simple to understand and easy to use. It is the ideal choice for staff recruiters, sellers and influencers because its design includes and focuses on primary automation features.

These features can greatly improve results for 99 percent of all marketing, sales and prospecting activities. This unique tool also enables users to measure the success of your sales and promotional campaigns with optimal precision and accuracy. Using this automation tool for LinkedIn, you can also expand your brand significantly and locate new employment opportunities. For a cost of as little as $15 per month, you can boost  your sales and prospecting results. These statistics can rise to impressive levels when you use this innovative tool.

The tool works on multiple levels, across multiple roles.

  • A sales business can build contacts, leads and work to land major deals via LinkedIn.
  • Company recruiters can easily locate ideal candidates to fill job positions.
  • As an influencer in your industry, you can network effectively and efficiently while having more time to run your business.

The Dooozen LinkedIn Marketing Tool can enhance and expand the network of any type of business. It is also scalable, making it compatible as a lead building aid for companies of many different sizes. This unique product is the optimal quality LinkedIn lead generation tool that brings reliable results.

Primary Benefits of the Dooozen Automation Tool for Business

The Dooozen Automation Tool provides essential business expansion in myriad different areas of industry. Its benefits include such major advantages as:

Automating Messaging and Networking

Connect with new contacts and members of  your own LinkedIn network. You can also easily generate chains of messages, follow-ups and updates with the use of this automation method.

Managing Your Existing Network Members

Navigate throughout your network of contacts, interacting as desired or needed. You can accomplish this best by using the advanced search filters and tagging options offered by the Dooozen automation tool.

Tracking the Story-Line of Your Actions

By tracking your activities and their time-frame on LinkedIn, you will keep your account secure on the platform. You can also avoid spamming your network by posting too often.

Revising Sales Strategies According to Statistics

Boost the overall performance and results of sales campaigns with critical changes when needed. You will also benefit from both messages and actions that are significantly more effective.

How Using the Dooozen LinkedIn Automation Tool Can Increase Sales

All features and components of the LinkedIn Automation Marketing Tool from Dooozen can build your network and boost your sales. These featured tool components include the following:

Campaign Master

This outstanding feature supports auto-messaging of first degree connections. It also makes auto-connecting your network members, group members and other contacts simple and easy. You can send multiple follow-up messages quickly and efficiently. By personalizing your messages and LinkedIn connection requests, you can encourage ongoing communications with prospective leads. This feature is quite helpful in producing effective campaigns with a series of dynamic actions.

This advanced feature also enables you to oversee several different campaigns at the same time. It supports accurate tracking of campaign status and simplifies messaging and connecting with Premium users solely. Also included is the convenient feature of an auto-canceler for invitations related to campaigns and business events.

Network Management

This helpful feature exports contacts from the LinkedIn platform when needed. It also filters your contacts according to your prior actions. When using Network Management, you can add new contacts and connections to your campaign without using LinkedIn search. You can also get leads on LinkedIn by connecting frequently and by joining groups that are related to your industry or niche. This product is the ultimate quality LinkedIn lead generation tool for business network expansion.

Manager your network with Dooozen
Image: Manage your network with Dooozen

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator assists you in working directly with contacts and prospective network members. This feature also offers the great convenience of the Auto InMails option.


You can view valuable figures relative to reply-rate tracking. You can also review campaign statistics quickly and efficiently.

Smart processing and statistics Dooozen
Image: Smart processing and statistics Dooozen

Export and Import

For your added convenience and future campaign lists, you can export contacts and profiles of your LinkedIn connections from Dooozen. This data can be saved easily as CSV files for reviewing later on. You can also get leads on LinkedIn from importing targeted industry contact lists.

There are also general features that make your life easier when you connect, promote and sell via LinkedIn. These features include a single-click login capability using your Google account. Another attractive option is the free trial period of 14 days for getting acquainted with the versatile Dooozen LinkedIn Marketing Tool. The Mood feature is designed to keep you cool and calm while Dooozen works for you.

Additional Conveniences of The Dooozen Automation Tool

More conveniences and advantages of using this automation aid from Dooozen for expanding your LinkedIn network include the following:

Focusing on Campaigns

When using this innovative Dooozen tool, you can easily produce effective campaigns with multiple steps. You can also initiate a series of follow-up messages and InMails. You can swiftly move your social selling results to a higher level. You can also endorse on LinkedIn with ease, accuracy and efficiency.

Measuring Performance with Statistics

You can achieve smart prospecting by measuring your automation campaign performance with accurate statistics. Dooozen simplifies this process by tracking your message acceptance and reply rates for each of your campaigns. You will then have all of the essential data for informed decision making.

Fine-Tuning Contact Lists with Advanced Search System

Using this Dooozen tool, you can fine-tune your list of contacts, eliminating all but the best. You can target the ideal connections and leads for growing and strengthening your business network. With the help of this advanced automation aid, you can select leading contacts based on your prior LinkedIn selling activities and results.

Dooozen Advanced Search System
Image: Dooozen fine-tuning capabilities 

Future Innovations from the Dooozen Team

As a new product, the advanced Dooozen tool set and its featured LinkedIn Automation Tool continue to develop and advance. Dooozen will soon offer more exciting and effective features, including:

API Advancements

Design and production of APIs for precision integration of Dooozen with other marketing tools are in the works. There will be advanced technology to enable you to endorse on Linkedin swiftly and easily.

Newest Features

In the current development stages are some new features that include options for the simple management of multiple LinkedIn accounts.

AI Innovations

Dooozen experts are in the process of adding more contemporary technology to their features. These include AI functions such as text recognition and text mining. These advancements will make your business leads prospecting and messaging super-intelligent.

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